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Monday 06/12 PB Report

No play for me. My Pimp is down and I need to spend $$ on my truck first. So I reffed all day on Sunday.

Still no play. Perfect weather, but noone was around due to graduation parties and all that jazz. Zeroed in the my red dot to a nice 75'. Hopefull this week and/or weekend will be promising for some play.

No play for me. I need to get out to a field just to get some play time in.

No play for me. I'm at the beach but that stupid tropical storm is going to keep us from the beach for a few days.
You Wont See Me

I played on saturday. I called the place we fill at the night before and they told me they open at 9am. So we get there at 845 expecting to wait for a bit. At 9 we go up to the door and it says they dont open till 10. Great. Normally we'd come back at 10 and fill up but we had to stop playing by 12 and we had a half hour drive to the place we play. So we said screw it and hoped someone else that was meeting up with us had some extra tanks. We get there and find some tanks, and the first game is going to be woods, teams of 3 on 3. Well, my E-grip battery dies halfway through so I run back to the bags and grab a pistol. The field was crappy, it wasnt the place we normally play at. You had to stay on a path or else you'd get real itchy from the weeds.Well, theres only 1 path, and they had all the cover. So we ended up losing that one pretty bad.

After that we played speed. I scrummaged a 9V from someones hopper, and things went smoothly for a few games. Then people started running out of air. When it came down to it we had 4 guns that were working and 7 people there. We had teams of 3 on 3 with 1 ref and each team had a person without a gun to go for the flag. I lended out the A-5 and took up the pistol, attempting to do run-throughs and bunkerings. It worked, because while they lit me up the guy that was going for the flag didnt get a shot fired at him. Everyone was shooting me.

First time I've had a welt in a very long time.

Over all it was a fun day considering our circumstances.

went to headrush in rochester with my 2 friends. I was using robo's (As soon as the payment comes through) ion. The field was a tiny Nppl 3 man field, but it was really nicely set up. My friend had his 06 speed and it ripped so much that the other walk ons didnt want to play with us. We ended up playing against the people from the headrush team, which is a very good team. So it was my 2 friends and me against 3 people from thier team. We won everygame. It seems as though we are getting alot better as a team, and hopefully we will win the NY cup so we can get some good sponsers. just my little rant for ya
g36 monkey

sounds awesome abr.

well, i reffed both days this weekend....saturday i worked like a slave but sunday a bunch of noobs came out so i didnt have to do much....i actually got to play...alot.
my team really sucked though, it usually ended up w/ 6 vs. me because my team couldnt stay in, and i would manage to get a few out but cheap paint + spyder w/ stock barrel (some1 let me borrow it to play)= big crap and no accuracy.
i used an ion earlier in the day, too bad it ran out of air right when we were getting good, and my shots wouldnt go anywhere, i woulda had like all of them aaargh

Dang YWSM, well at least ya tried.

abr5 great job beating up on the home team! Salut

no play... put the f/s up for sale last night and already got an offer for a nice vsc phantom and i got invited to go play paintball with a bunch of lawyers at the firm i work for... so this should be fun...

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