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Monday 06/19 PB Report

No play for me.

Spent my fathers day fixing the toilet that I never did fix. I guess it needs a new flapper.

O I received a new Ryobi power tool set for fathers day.

I finally got my cocker running!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had it shooting 18 with really crappy settings. I also got it going 24 dry fire at the field, then 27 dry fire at my house. Then, the ram broke, leaving a tiny piece of it in the pump arm, so I need to get 2 new things. THumb down . The good news is that the cocker shoots amazingly, no kick at all. It is the lightest gun I have ever felt, and the only gun i have ever shot that is faster is my friend's 06 speed, but i'm sure with a little more tuning I can change that Twisted Evil

So, it was a good weekend, until the parts broke. I am hoping that they will give me a free ram, if not then i might just have to use this old crappy ram until i can afford to buy a new one.

No play for me, I was at Hilton Head island, it sucked though because that stupid tropical storm came through and left us stuck in the room for 2 days. I got some pics though.
You Wont See Me

Damn, its monday already?

No play this weekend, spent everyday working.

Work. Friends went, but I had people over. I might be playing this Sunday. I have a headache.

no play. damn banjo fitting screw on the ION broke while i was unscrewing it (and it was a complete mystery as to how or why since im careful). hopefully getting a t-board and replacing the stuff. still have the tippmanns tho Cool

No play for me...pretty boring weekend.

I did make 2nd team all-stars in Track for the 110 high hurdles Cheers

i mailed out my freestyle on my lunch break on monday...

sinisterNorth wrote:
No play for me...pretty boring weekend.

I did make 2nd team all-stars in Track for the 110 high hurdles Cheers

g36 monkey

i was gone all sister moved out and we helped her, then we went to the family reunion, i had this rubber guy that was like predator, or something like that, and we shot him up, and you couldnt even tell, until i did a real close up w/ a 00 buck from a 12 ga.
I also shot him with a .270 up the side and it looked really cool, when my sister moved she took the camera so no pics THumb down

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