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Monday 7/24 PB Report

This weekend I had another tourny. It was a combined Rookie/Beginner (though there were supposed to be 2 division, only 2 rookie teams came). Since it was only our third tourny, we were still considered beginner, so thats what we signed up for, and expected to win it easily. Anyways, it started out not so good. The field was tiny, and was extremely hard to get any team work together. My friend and I always do leapfrogs, and planned bumps, and they work really well, but due to the set up of the field, it was nearly impossible. So we had 7 games in prelims. Of that, we got 325 points (3 points for an alive player at end of game, 7 for an elimination, 20 for a flag pull, and 50 for a hang). We were extremely worried about getting out of the prelims with our low number of points. We made it by 10 points, almost not getting in to one of the noobest teams there. Once in the finals, things started to look better. We swept our first game, geting the full 100 points. The next game we were supposed to play a team that was very equal to us in skill. (when we played them in the prelims, my friend's 06 speed got a paper jam, a piece of paper got in the breech, and got hte bolt stuck, my gun's battery was dead, so i was shooting 170 fps, and 5 BPS, and the other kid just got shot out by some unknown shooter). That team had somewhere to go, so they dropped out. I was kinda disapointed because i really wanted to play them when we didn't have technical difficulties. So we went on to playing the team that was expected to win. One player on our team got shot out off break. My friend with the 06 speed got into back left, and it seemed like everyone on thier team wanted him out, they were all concentrating on him. I moved up to the 50, and saw a guy on the other team move up to the snake. I knew he was better than me, and would take me out pretty easily, so i decided to do a runthrough. Both the players on the other team were looking the other way when i was bunkering them. I shot the first guy, then continued on to the next. He spun as i shot him, and he decides to rip me apart (thanks). I got shot 11 times on the left side of my body, 1 on the head, 3 on my gun, 2 on my hopper, and 1 in the tank. 18 shots, and it wasn't overshooting (go figure). I was pissed in the end because I had shot him first, and he played on (though the ref didn't see it this way, he thought I was playing on cause i kept running while i got shot a million times). Playing on is a 1 4 1, so that means that guy was out, along with the other guy on thier team, meaning we would've won the game, and been tied for first with that team. Oh well, the second place prizes were better (Empire grind jerseys for second, Empire action packs for 1st )

So it was a good day, cept for my left side being covered in welts (cept they are fun to show to nonpaintball players). I just had to share with my favorite internet friends Cheers

I had a scenario game on saturday. It started aound 7-7:30pm. We played for about 2 hours while there was light. I did really well then. I got a lot of people out and only got out once myself. About 9:30, we started the night section. Everyone had glow sticks so you could see each other. I got out a couple of times, for part of it, I just sat down halfway behind a bunker just because I didn't feel like shooting. That game ended and so it came time to the final battle. We played the final battle till a little past 12. I was saving paint for this round. Ended up having 6 pods and a hopper full. The final battle was fun. The Ion was working flawlessly. No chops or barrel breaks. When I would be walking or running to different spots, sometimes I would accidently fire the gun because the trigger pull is soo small. Paint was flying everywhere. There were strobe lights that enabled you to see paint fly in the air. I ran to a bunker at the front line. I started talking to one of the speedballers that is on the team I go around with. We sat there and talked and shot and talked. He was a real nice guy. At the end, I won 2 mask covers. Then the speedballers on the team and I went out for breakfast at 1:40 in the morning. We talked at IHOP and had a fun time. Then I got home at a little past 3am.

Overall it was a good time. My Ion was great. I am going to buy an Evil Pipe for it. The paint was unbelievably small. The smallest bore size people had, still wouldn't catch the ball, it just rolled through. My evil jersey and pants were great. They were very strong and good for sliding. They also caused more bounces. My new Evil scion tank failed me on its first fill. It didn't even hit 5k and the burst disk went off. Cost me $10 bucks to replace THumb down Oh well I got a $15 discount on paint.

I played saturday. We had a huge game of speedballers at this small speedball field. It was i guess you could say a "reunion" for me and my old paintball buddies. One game we played 15 on 15. It was really intense. Off break i went to the 50 and there were 4 people on the other side of the bunker. I went through the bottom opening of the X and shot all 4 of them. Then i quickly went back under and shot a hopper at one guy and finally hit him. The rest of the guys were closing in on me fast. I couldn't snap at all or i would've been shot by 8 diffrent people. I moved to the bunker that is right infront of the X and my guys in the back were all out. So from what i could tell it was a 7 on 10. Not that bad but still they had more bodies on the field. After I moved back i started to not take as much fire. Then someone moved up to the X not knowing i was there. I saw his legs through the hole in the bottom and i shot him. Then the other team tried to do a run through (very stupid) and they all got taken out.

It was a very fun day.

I went and played with the team out at Gold Diggers on Saturday. It was a pretty good day overall. I had originally planned to have a few of the team members (we are a woodsball team) to try speedball for the first time. But since I fell and hurt myself we didnt do that. Otherwise, we just owned faces all day.

No play for me. I had a basketball camp up until yesterday that I had to help out with. Got paid, so it wasnt that bad. Got some parts in the mail... Cool Went to see Pirates over the weekend and it was pretty good.
g36 monkey

i played saturday, used an ion, and that cocker i borrowed a long time ago, mostly used the cocker because that thing rips. i did like the ion though, i was basically screwin around all day though cuz only a handful of people there were really good. i played alot better than i thought i would cuz i havent played in forever. I think ive convinced my father to finally let me get a new gun.
this saturday im playing my first night game. gonna be awesome. Cheers

Night games are fun. I like day games a lot more. I have played many night games and it is hard to tell if you hit someone and the place I go to has us turn down the velocity to 250.
g36 monkey

RoboCop wrote:
Night games are fun. I like day games a lot more. I have played many night games and it is hard to tell if you hit someone and the place I go to has us turn down the velocity to 250.

I had a blast, we had to turn down the velocity too, and we played where you get hit if it busts or not your out. It was really humid though so i couldnt see because of fogginess, and i used my friends ion because all my crap was out of commision and i didnt feel like going pump.

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