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Monday PB Report 01/02/06!

Happy New years everyone. Hope you all had a safe and happy holiday!!

Once again I worked on the park last firday on my day off and I still cant feel the tip of my left index finger from that blasted chainsaw.

Anyways, I played on Sunday the first. Had a fun time. not a bad turn out either. I'd say maybee 70-75 players total. I used the new North woods trails in the last game "bomb game" and we successsfully destroyed the north base. The silly rabbits had no defences and we pretty much just walked in.

Fun fun fun!!
g36 monkey

New years was awesome and i found out my stuff will be here wednesday. I worked on sellin my buddys gun and getitn him to buy smittys. My dad and my friends and I made a bomb out of sparklers Cheers
My dad thought it was a dud and started walkin toward it and it blew up and he took off runnin the other way and we all had to catch him. Its funny seein a 300 punds man run. Laughing

Well, I couldve played seeing as how the snow had completely melted, but I couldnt get anything together. Looked for a cocker but found nothing, owell.
You Wont See Me

Played woodsball with about 6 people saturday. The temp was near 30 degrees and everyones was shooting c02. Major shootdown and lots of numb fingers at the end of the day.

Ordered my JCS dual trig for the E-grip so I'll be mowing some noobs down next weekend. Tounge

Another week pasted, another week of no ballin.

Rained endlessly all weekend. Record setting rainfall.... Yippeee. Not good paintball weather.

cdacda13 wrote:
Another week pasted, another week of no ballin.

sigh......but i picked up a welder though!! no ballin but did some welding....a fair trade off in my eyes, damn i lead a boring life!

dude ure a machinist!!! its not that boring! you have nwledge and thats awesome!

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