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Motorola Q

Anyone ever use one? I bought one, and it should be here on Tuesday. My old phone broke, and since my contract wasn't up yet, I decided to buy a phone on ebay (since I couldn't get any discounts w/ starting a new contract). I got it for 220 shipped, and my mom paid for 150.
I'm just antsy and excited for my new phone Cheers

Post some pics when you get it. I've got a Motorola, but it was a $20 phone that came with a plan.
g36 monkey

my razr just snapped in half, and the system bugged in at&t so we got a new phone for free.

im not supposed to get a free upgrade till next april lol.

my razr should be here today.

ive never actually seen a motorola q though.

definitely give us some pics when it gets there. thumleft

I got it today, but I haven't activated it yet.
g36 monkey

its one of those fancy PDA phones.

they are pretty sweet.
as far as I know my aunt has one like it, im just not sure which kind.

its nice though, and they are quite handy.

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