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Movies, Movies, and Movies.

I have been watching a bunch of movies lately. Heres a review.

Be cool- One of the funnest movies I have seen in a long time. I dont think I laugh that hard since old school. Star fulled movie, John travota was amazing. Every actor in it was great.
It reminded me of get shorty, most cause it was kinda like its sequal.

Constantine- Great idea. Shotty acting. Reeves was terrible, totally unbelievable as constantine. The story was really intersting.
Maybe my TV sucks, but the sound on this move blew worst then Iraq.

Sky High- Had to take the kid I was babysitting to it today. Suprizingly funny, even to be. Its your tipical kids move, but exucutated very well. Good enough acting. Story was fun.
If you have a younger brother/sister or a kid(for the older forumers), and they want to see a movie, take them to this one. They will like it, and so will you.

Re: Movies, Movies, and Movies.

Be cool- Heard it was crap

Constantine- Reeves sucks, so Constantine would suck, naturally.

Sky High- It's Disney, so it can't be half bad Smile

Constantine looks good I think. Besides, Keano (sp) is freaking HOT!

glassjaw, i've been meaning to tell you that sig is friggen disgusting LOL very funny though!

oh yeah haven't seen any of them

keono should have been great in the role of constantine. But, he can't act. Hes worse then Tom Cruise.

The original pictures was much larger and it was posted on my gaming clan's forums....I put my face on there and I think it's effing hillarious.

that poor dress\tent and the belly sticking out the bottom aaargh
Roll Tide

I thought Be Cool was terrible. The acting was alright but stupid plot.

Constantine was decent, although I wouldn't see it again.

And I haven't seen Sky High.

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