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MQ valve

This review is for all of you people that want the latest and greatest in paintball technology.

^^^ corny right? lol
anyways, the mq valve is valve that is opened by a solenoid, instead of the traditional hammer hitting valve stem. The installation is extremely easy, the hardest part being taking the old valve out probably. All you do is take out all of your exsiting internals, then put the mq valve valve body and poppet in. then you feed the wires from the solenoid through the body, and through the slot where the lug usually is. Then you CAREFULLY put in the solenoid, making sure to not pinch/shear any wires. once that is in, you pop the spacer in, and tighten the IVG until the orifice body hits the solenoid (kinda confusing, you need the valve in front of you to understand). once the IVG is tightened, you simply put the valve retaining nut where it goes, making sure it is flush with the body. THe frame then goes on, along with the eyes and whatnot. lastly, you plug the mq valve into the slot where the sear tripper once was. It is all very simple once you have ti in front of you.

Next comes the tuning, this is the part people dread. To tune mine, all i had to do was put it on factory fast, bottom out the regs, then air it up. I turned the hpr to around 290, and then put the gun is classic mode, and held the trigger while upping the lpr. once the back block went back, i turned it 1/4 turn more, and it was set. From there, my gun ran amazingly. I turned the SON (now dwell) down to 3.7 to get it shooting at a good speed.
Now i understand that the tuning may not be as easy for some people, i just got lucky and everything ran perfectly at factory fast.

Now came the real testing of this valve. I put a halo b with victory board on my gun, and let it rip. It bounced like crazy, and i prolly hit 24ish. It was amazingly fast, with no noticable kick. it was ball on ball the whole time. I made my trigger legal, and the gun shot amazing, i was very pleased with how well this valve was working in my gun.

For efficiency i am getting around 1900 shots off of a full 68/45 fill. That is better than any efficiency i have ever had with any gun.

This product is giving cockers a fighting chance to not become obsolete. Not only can these things go into cockers, but they have also been put into vikings and mags (with modification).

This product is amazing, 11/10. This valve is a definitly worth the price tag of $130. This isn't much more than the top end valve, hammer, and springs would cost you. (assuming you got the 80 dollar tornado valve Laughing )

i will hopefully make a video of my cocker shooting this weekend.

Anyways, here is a website that will teach you everything about this product.
Also, this site has an animation

Buy an mq valve and rip someones face off today!

I have never seen the internals of a cocker right in front of me, so it is confusing to me. If it works great, then that is pretty cool. It also isn't too expensive.

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