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Music Styles

Well I personally listen to a wide range of stuff, from techno to hardcore and back.

Techno song:

A guy in my WoW/RvS clan is a DJ and threw this together, great song and it's an hour long. is a hardcore band I recently found out about, very good. The last song on their purevolume play list is the best I think.

What do you all listen to?

I like rap/hip hop and classic rock. I have been getting into the alternative rock a lot more lately.


I mostly listen to country. I listen to the ocassional hip hop or whatever. I also like classic rock.

Bluez baby. Other than that, southern rock, alternative rock, and classic rock.

All classic stuff. Mostly Pink Floyd more than anything else. Johny Cash, Zeplin, Who, any classic rock is all good too.

I'm really into the Foo Fighters now that their new album is out.
I usually listen to rock and some rap.

A lot of hip-hop and rap, if I'm stuck with people who don't like rap or hip-hop then I listen to rock, but that only happens on car rides and in the weight room and that's because we listen to whoever gets there and puts a cd in first, and I'm late for everything...

ozzy,metallica,megadeth,skid row,aerosmith,ac\dc, ect.ect ya know the good stuff

If anyone is interested, a second song he posted on another forum.

He performed both of these (the one in original post) live and this is a recording.

Old Greenday stuff is what I like. Other than that, music is not my cup of tea.

I'm into Jazz, Blues, and Rock.



Because Rammstein is a genre Alien
Night Hawk

punk/rap/rock(oldies like AC/DC)

Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil DJ DJ DJ DJ DJ DJ DJ DJ DJ DJ DJ

thumleft wap.

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