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My 98c

Just got the cyclone feed and I love it.

cyclone feed
J&J ceramic barrel

I know it isn't much but it works for me. I am not going to buy any more upgrades for it. I would like to do some modding/milling on it though. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

dude CENTERFEED THE CYCLONE!!! it would definatly be one of a kind. but seriously it's cool just the way it is. when you start milling you are only limited by your imagination, so let er rip!!

Centerfeeding a cyclone is almost the exact thing as a Halo only a Halo uses batteries.
g36 monkey

lookin good rossy. You dont need to do more really, new barrel, firwpower upgrade, and new hopper. You dont even need any of those. Looks good enough for me.

Looks good. I wouldve liked to see some more upgrades on it, but its not my gun. You should mill the rear sight and "Tippmann 98c" off then maybe do some main body work.

Nice, how old is the marker?

It is probably six months old.

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