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My bands first song, and vid

im the one in the back left. our bassist came up with this random funky riff. we randomly put this together.. enjoy. sounds a bit bad (feedback, buzzing, bad equalization) but its not bad/

Doesn't sound half bad, given the circumstances.

Not too shabby.

not bad

i liked it for a quick random tune. improve quality and do more stuff!
Roll Tide

Improved audio is a must. I assume you are using the microphone on the camera, because the sound is distorted. However, it's a good little tune, I would like to hear it in high quality!

sounds prety cool, is that a G-N-R Appetite For Destruction poster in the left background?? that is one of my all time favorite CD's!

Yeah i really need some better sound recording thing. we may go to a studio for $10/recording soon. working on other songs. were more into the punk/rock/hardcore/classic genre. the funk was just inspiration off a random riff from our bassist.

and yeah, that is G/R poster. The guy in the front knows about every song, same with the drummer.

Pretty nice. Ya need to loose a quitarist and get a lead singer.

If ya ever want advice about the music industry goto my myspace, click on buddy JD (my brother) and tell him I (Steve) sent ya. He will be happy to help.

Keep rockin!

ps, I sent the Indys a friend request.

The guy soloing was pretty much just jamming with us, but i think were going to keep him? without him its up to me for soloing, which isnt anything like that guy. id like to drop the other guitarist, a bit unessesary. we do have a singer too, hes filming. hes a good punk singer. im personaly not for having an induvidual for singing only.

Tell the bass player to learn slap! Seriously, in stuff like this, it sounds so much better.

Listen to Chili Pepper's cover of "Higher Ground," Flea's slapping in it is sick.

Tell your drummer to try a few different fills every now and then.

yea the drummer isnt very good.. and that band all got pissed off at eachother and now isnt together anymore. idiots...

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