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My big huge ongoing gun thread... 56k gtfo

This is the thread where I am going to post all of my guns from now on. I am tired of making new thread to show off all of my hotness Laughing .

Bought an Ion for $50. Leaking, will get it fixed eventually. Wanted it for a project gun.

Won an 09 SLG in a tournament the other day. Will get pics up when it comes in (just like the ion, they had to be shipped because thanksgiving made them not come in on time).

Bought this marq6 for 180, it was broken. Fixed it up, sold for 300. Came with 4 eyes, CP reg, violent trigger (which I kept and modded to put on my protege), and pillow bolt

Won a tournament, won an Ion (they had to be shipped because the place decided not to order prizes, took 3 weeks to get them).

sold mine to a friend Thumbs up for getting friends into paintball

So I am organizing a pump day and decided I needed more pumps so I bought another body and used parts from a pump project I never finished. This is what I got after around $80.

And about that pump project I said I never finished, parts for it are on their way here. I took an old pre99 body and rounded the tubes and halfblocked it. Then covered it in stickers Smile
Here's a little preview...

and here's my pump with the halfblock I made for a friend...

Bought a protege w/ tadao, power trigger, and UL for 540. It shoots as well as any gun i've ever shot.

2 4 1'd my darq for an A1, 06 Pevs ego, and $150

Traded the Dm6 for this UL pm7

I traded my Dynasty Shocker for this Dm6. Its beat but I can prolly sell it for $400 pretty fast.

I bought this Gen E matrix for $60. It shoots pretty well, although sometimes it skips shots (need to tune it). Its blind, although I have a UL board and Dm5 eyes on the way (I believe, if not I'll make an Alien board work for it). It is flawless.

My friend and I bought a lot of shocker parts. 80 each. I ended up with a body, frame, tadao m6, nerve board, vert asa, asa, grips, feedneck, dynasty trigger. I bought a reg, bolt assembly, eye, and some other small parts bringing the total to $141. I sold it for $250.

Traded my UL Pm6 for this Dynasty Shocker. I've been looking for a shocker for a while, so when this deal popped up I took it. Has evolve gold (supposedly 1800 shots of a 68/4500), sidewinder, blackheart and some other stuff. Also bought a bunch of shocker parts and will be building another shocker. I might keep the dynasty and throw a CCM frame on it if I ever get more money.

Sold both my egos, decided to treat myself...
to a Darq!!! Platinum!! Brand new, $975. well worth it IMO...

and heres my pay pal balance... I got a few more bucks in it before buying the darq

I got some AMAZING trades in the past few days...
My phantom + $40 for an 05 ego w/o frame board or noid + hybrid halo. I bought the board and stuff for 120 shipped.

For the NXT I got an 05 Ego w/ urban camoo CCU kit, Hybrid grips, Sly barrel + $100

For my legend I got an NXT shocker + 100. I talked to a guy who posted in the NXT's person's thread and got an 05 ego plus 100...

I traded my green and black karni to a friend for...
Black/blue acid wash phantom. Its pretty nice, although phantoms aren't my thing

Dark timmy w/ fang cut off. Missing a few parts, but it only cost 25 to get them all together. He also added 350 reballs to the trade.

Bought this Ul'd Pm6 on ebay for 345 shipped. Not too shabby... I bought it with money I made from working. It shoots AMAZING!!!!

My newest gun. Traded my red Remains+ 100+ a tank for it. It was worth it... I will put up better pictures soon.

I bought this legend with the money I got from the Remains. I paid 500 shipped for it.

This is the Remains I got for the Fusion + 70. I actually had the Fusion traded the day after it got sent to me (while it was in the mail). Don't worry, the other party knew it was on the way. Sold it for $450 (damn thats alot for that gun).

Also, here is a video of my Red Remains (I threw a predator board in it)
Here is my Fusion, traded for my second remains, I added $70

(Interceptor isn't mine)

Here is my G7 fly, bone stock. Traded shocker for it. Traded for a Fusion + 200 bones

My New shocker, traded my Interceptor for it. Traded for G7 Fly
-Tadao m3
-Slik trigger
-He bolt
-Hybrid ram cap
- CP reg
-ccm feedneck
-other stuff


I traded a bunch of old gear for it. It has a Quick Changer (nob on front), and a Speed feed (thing on back). The guy I am trading with is going to polish it up before he sends it out. Should be a fun little gun to shoot (especially when I am reffing, and people are pissing me off)

My Black w/ Red Accents Alien Remains

Has stock WAS that has been upgraded w/ more modes, Sidewinder, and Red Accents. Same as Interceptor only smaller, lighter, different trigger frame, and doesn't have a front block (lowers PSI, quieter, more efficient). I traded the 06 Speed for this. (not my picture, I wish I owned the DM6). I like Alien guns so much I had to get the Remains.

My 1 of 15, Black to Green Fade 05 Alien Interceptor. Traded for new shocker

I could not be happier with this gun. The trigger frame feels great, it is fast, easy to work on, and lovable. I traded my pink shocker for it.

Custom pump
1 of 1 Freeflow body
CCM pump kit w/ smoke handle
AKA sidewinder
other goodies

This thing is my new baby. I love it.

My 06 Speed

Has predator board, Cp barrel kit, and ndz feedneck.
This is easily the fastest gun I have ever shot. The frame feels really good, and the trigger is amazing. It is fairly light, although it is big, and has little trade value. I traded my pink cocker for it. It got traded for the Alien Remains

My Shocker

Traded my timmy for it, traded it for my interceptor. This thing was a great gun, shot fast and nice. really light too.

My Timmy

I traded my halfblocked pump for this. I added the Critical Frame, and the Critical trigger. This gun shot amazing. Little kick, +/-3 over chrono, 1300 shots per fill, crazily fast. I loved this gun, although it was heavy and big. I traded it for my shocker. Here is a vid of it doing 20.

My Custom Pink Cocker

This gun was simply amazing. Light, Fast, consistent, I loved it. I made it myself, and it was upped to the max. It was halfblocked, custom anno'd, engraved, MQ valve, Cp reg, all the goodies. I loved it to death, but it was time to move on. I traded it for the 06 Speed. I miss her... (although my friend has it, and I know he will never trade it, he promised  Salut )

My Halfblocked Pump

I bought this body to mess around with, and I ended up making this. Total Cost- 188 bucks. I halfblocked, and midgeted it myself (and did a damn fine job for using a hacksaw and a file). It never really shot all that well, but I don't care. It was a cool, light, small gun. I traded it for the timmy.

My 04 Speed

Another gun I bought to mess with. I put a Lucky board w/ t chip in it. I also used a dremel to take off the line, and "Engrave" Confusion (in chinese). It turned out pretty nice after the polishing.  This gun was actually quite fast. I traded it for an Ion+$$$$$.
vid of it doing 20 w/ paint (no eyes!!)

I've had many more guns, I just can't remember. I lost a bunch of my pics too  THumb down

So.. here is my list of guns..
09 slg
ion project
ion from tournament
Another pre2k cocker for pumpin...
Pevs ego
ul pm7
Black sft
Dynasty shocker
NXt shocker
Black/red 05 ego
Silver/camo 05 ego
milled/anno'd dark timmy
black/blue acid wash sc phantom
Ul pm6
Karni pump
G7 Fly
Project pre2k cocker
BKO (to make mech)
06 Speed
Pink Cocker
Freeflow Pump
04 Speed
Halfblocked Pump
Gx-3 (red)
ACI hornet
gx-3 (blue- green)
20th Anniversary Edition 98c (won at a tourny)

An Interceptor!?!? Your such a whore. You just can't commit. You have had too many nice guns. Maybe pass another good one my way. If you got any great deals, let me know.

Nice guns. Did you get the Dye frame for your pump? How do you like it? I found one and am thinking of buying it to replace my WGP single trigger slider but wasnt sure if it was worth it or not.
g36 monkey

you lil lucky turdmunchkin.

you always seem to find the sickest deals on the sickest guns.

sinister- that was the stock frame on that gun (it is a dye rip off). it sucked. Look on ebay and pick up an ANS frame. they have sliders (very nice), 45' swing frames, and 90' swing frames, all for under 30. Once they are gone they are gone.

Jeeze man! lol

*Off subject....

You live in Ithaca? Man what great memories I have as a kid when we camped at Buttermilk Falls.

buttermilk falls is a great place, although I hardly go there anymore. Ithaca= coolest place in the world pretty much

the remains that is on its way added.

What color should i get the red parts anno'd? I was thinking either polished gold, polished green, or clear.
Also, I am thinking of Virtue'ing it, and putting the current board into my Ceptor, so I can have all of the modes. I also might get a custom trigger made, even though it would be $50.

Another one already? Was it straight up trade? Go with clear for the anno. I want an Alien marker so bad. If you ever wnat to get rid of one, I want it. I am sure that you will probably trade it before I could get money for it. It will probably be gone in a month or so anyways.
g36 monkey

I was about to get mad, I htought the DM6 was yours Laughing

I like red accents myself, but I have found green looks very nice too.

RoboCop wrote:
Another one already? Was it straight up trade? Go with clear for the anno. I want an Alien marker so bad. If you ever wnat to get rid of one, I want it. I am sure that you will probably trade it before I could get money for it. It will probably be gone in a month or so anyways.

Straight up trade, but it needs new eyes which are only $15. Alien markers are kick ass, and I don't think that I am getting rid of mine anytime soon. I still haven't shot paint through either of them, but I am gonig ballin soon (hopefully).

I got the remains, it is dead sexy. It weighs less than 2 lbs w/o a bottom line or barrel (1 lb 14.8 oz). The trigger is hot, easy to work with. I love it. Looks like my gun whoring days are coming to an end Crying or Very sad

i will get better pics soon
it's the Payne!!!

i'm not on this for little more than a month and you get more guns than Mexican policia....very nice dude.

hehe, mexican hehe

new pics
g36 monkey

It loooks absolutely beautiful.

I dont think Ive ever shot one of them bad boys...hmmmm Shocked

So I am getting a PGP very soon.

Also, my Remains is in the shop because it was leaking when I got it... Also, the ram housing screws were partially stripped. THumb down Crying or Very sad Mad
I did get a chance to shoot it with it leaking. It was FAST, and amazing.

wooh, new shocker!!!

Shocker looks good. I saw in a magazine with the same bolt guide? I am not sure if that is what the blue thing is or not.
g36 monkey

that shocker, made me jealous aaargh

RoboCop wrote:
Shocker looks good. I saw in a magazine with the same bolt guide? I am not sure if that is what the blue thing is or not.


I don't know what I was talking about. I must have been extremely tired. I thought the hybrid ram cap looks good with the gun.

EDIT: Now I remember what I was going to say. In a magazine from PB2Xtremes, I saw one of the teams playing with shockers that had that ram cap.

nice guns, very nice........but how the hell can u afford so many?

I trade around. I Don't own all of those, they are just hte ones i've owned

Oh...Well i must say, you have a nice collection of markers.

added my g7 fly...

You going to try to get an A1 now?

HELL no. I hate them. Unless I got one just about straight up for my g7 fly, I wouldn't take one. They don't shoot nearly as smooth as the older style. A1's also aren't as reliable (out of the 4 I've seen, 2 were broken, 1 was shooting awfully, yet shot, and 1 shoots but it came straight from a WDP mastertech).

I agree that they should be more reliable. My teammate got one and he has been an Angel owner for years already. He didn't want to get the A1 but he went ahead and got one. He was having trouble at the field before some of the games started but he got it shooting before the game started. I would probably only get one after I have messed with one and figured what it's doing when it doesn't want to shoot. I'm still shooting my Ion but it's kinda sad how a gun like an Ion will keep shooting all day while other high-end guns will be out of service for a little while.
g36 monkey

ive used one of them fly's

i must say they are extremely sick.

it was nice.

yours looks very good

added 2 more guns...

Do you plan to keep the Remains and have both alien markers?

I think I will get rid of my red one. Its been having some problems (although they are all fixed). But I'm not sure yet.

I got the fusion today and shot it. DAMN its fast. Too bad its already gone for another gun Very Happy

I was reading a review in the pb2x magazine on the fusion. They used barrel kits like the freak and used high-end paint(Inferno and Menace). Everything else was stock. Every shot over the chrono for one of the set-ups tested had a consistent 296fps with absolutely no variations. When using low-end paint(Draxxus Rec Sport), the variation only varied byt 6 fps. That is extremely good. Only bad thing about it is the kick, but one could easily get used to that. The stock barrel wasn't used because it has a large bore (.693).

Some day, I would love to pick one up.

Mine has no kick, although thats w/o paint.
The only problem is a stripped back screw, and with the hideen screw system, I can't get it out. I need the frame off so I can mess with teh trigger spring (stiff trigger).

Its a pretty sweet gun. Might pick one up for a back up or something.
g36 monkey

those fusions really are sick.

a guy had one at a scenario i went to.

and me being the whore i am had to try it out.
just like i try everyone elses gun lol.

i really liked it.

Sold the remains for 450, lookig to sell my other one.

I bought a red legend for 500. If I am able to sell my other remains I will buy a pm7. I love those guns.

added my new karni pump

Sick pump. Seen it on the Nation plenty of times. Nice pick-up.

How much are you selling the remains for? I wish I could get a new gun with a nice barrel kit because I love having a barrel kit with my Ion. I just wish I could get a good amount of money from the Ion and pipe kit so I could atleast get a decent gun. I think I will wait for awhile though because a tournament is coming up and maybe I can get a shocker.

Remains got traded for the karni. now my only high end semi is my legend

Pics of my pm6 up
g36 monkey

proto is effin beautiful

lucky you

that was a good price IMO
too bad its not a pm5
id be asking to buy your original frame (not the UL)
mine is all screwed up on the bottom haha
but it would be better to get red or silver.

but still
i love the ninja

its freakin wicked dude

I bid on it with a day left, thinking the price would go up quite a bit (since UL pm6's usually go for 400-450). A day later I get this email sayying I won an auction. Cheers
g36 monkey

ULs are just that much now.

gosh, when i got my proto it was 425

though i know i didnt exactly go deal hunting.

i loved the look of mine, and i knew i wanted this one in particular.
just a weird feeling i guess Laughing

Wooh, the pm6 came in today. It is HOOOTT. I'll have t o get some better pics when there is some sun. the UL feels kinda wierd, but i guess i'll have to get used to it.

Traded my karni for a phantom, dark timmy, and some reballs.

The way i see it....
phantom- 225
timmy- 350
reballs- 65

There is no way i could get that for my karni.

I hope we never meet in real life because I would beat you up for trading such nice guns.

heh, I have an 05 ego coming. Well msot of it at least..

The phantom+ 40 for an 05 ego w/o frame, and board and a halo w/ a ton of hybrid parts.
g36 monkey

your so lucky

meanie haha

looks nice

The asshole with the ego backed out of the trade AFTER I shipped my phantom... I am hoping he will just say <'looza filter owned this word> it and and send the ego.

That sucks dude. Hope it all gets figured out or he ships it back and pays for shipping.

He said he felt bad and is sending the ego Cheers
and to make sure he didn't back out again i sent him money through pay pal to pay for the halo.
g36 monkey


you are one lucky guy

way to mack the online trading Rambo

Wow, I have been getting LUCKY.

For legend I got an NXt+ 100
for nxt I got an Ego + 100 (ego has sly barrel, worth ~85)

And I have a buyer for my other 05 ego for $400, and a few offers lined up for the 05 ego on its way (including a mini + 100, a mini which would be pretty easy to sell for $300...)

I want a gun with impulse threads. If you ever get any that aren't too expensive, let me know. I don't know what that leaves me except a shocker.
g36 monkey

youll have a hard time getting a gun from him

he trades them before he gets em Laughing

way to go though
i never find deals

heh, mini + 100 + stiffi on the way for the silver ego.
I paid 500 for my legend, so far i've gotten...
$300, sly barrel, stiff barrel (~$150 in barrels), and a mini. Cheers

kid with the mini pm'd me and basically said "I destroyed my mini and can't trade"

He destroyed the mini? How would you do that?

he ruined the whole front grip

i treated myself tonight...

I guess that means I won't be getting that mini. Nice pick-up though.

That guy wouldn't pm me back. Sorry. = the best prices for labor day. I am just hoping the prices go back up so my resale stays good.

Things with the hybrid didn't work out. In my haze I cancelled the order, then tried to uncancel it, but that didn't work. Then i saw a platinum darq that i needed to have Very Happy

I am poor again Not cool

So when will the darq be gone? Tounge

hardy har har...

If I like it I will keep it for at leastt 2 weeks...

The main reason I got it is because they have amazing trade value. i could easily get an 07 ego and a good amount of cash if I wanted to. And the value won;t go down too much since there are only 126 made Cheers

But I do plan on keeping it for a while. Its too hot to get rid of.

Got the darq yesterday. shot it a bit today and it is HOT. Amazingly fast, very little kick. Not the most efficient, but it is brand new and I haven't lubed it yet (who knows how long it was sitting in its box waiting to be bought). New pics of it are up

I find it weird how Bob Long comes out with all these new markers and they all have different names and they look the same, but they are totally different from the well known timmies. I've seen Onyx, Closer, Darq and I am sure I am missing one.

Nice new gat BTW. I wish i could get into the gun whoring like you until I work my way up to a high-end gun. Your a lucky guy.

bob long has the marq (also known as marquee) series. In it are the marq6, marq7, marq7 rapper, closer, darq, and onyx (AKA hybrid marq). Many differenty marqs.
I don't think they look the same at all.

Marq... That was the one I was thinking of. Well, maybe not look the same but have the same design format compared to the timmy line.

added my dynasty shocker
g36 monkey

dynastys are pretty sweet i must say.

granted shockers arent my thing.
it looks really sick.

finally added my other SFT and the Gen E i picked up last week.

How well do you like that Marq? I've been thinking about getting maybe a closer or a rapper.

Its pretty nice. Really fast, consistent, fairly efficient, reliable, and light. Also, its pretty quiet and has no kick.

Just picked up a Dm6 for my dynasty. Its a bit beat but it feels nice.

i've been busy lately, 3 new guns
g36 monkey

omg i would kill for that proto


the A1 is freakin sick too.
ego's arent my favorite but i must say its nice as well.

you find the best deals i swear  Rambo

Sold the pm7 and ego for 465 shipped and pay pal'd each. now I just gotta sell the A1... If i get 425 for it like i plan to I will have made around 100 by trading the darq after shooting it for 3 months. I made around 100 by selling the pm7 (bought the pm6 for 325, sold the gun i traded it for for 465)

If you just had a lot of money, you could almost do this as a job by trading and selling.

heh, thats way too much work...

Now I am buying a protege at cost from Ithaca Paintball (hopefully) and saving the rest for a trip to Spain  Cheers

added the protege i got a while ago. sold my a1. i am in teh monies
g36 monkey

i was never really into the protege's.

but i must say, yours looks pretty nice.

You're not into them because you've never shot one Wink
g36 monkey

you probably have a very significant point lol


All Sniper's look good to me! Very Happy

I like the stickers. Classy look.

Got an ion in a tournament, all 3 got sent to my house.
g36 monkey

glad you helped a friend  Rambo

More like lure him into a money sucking pit.

He also got a proflex, marker bag that I won at a tourny, some redz squeegees, a new feedneck (by check it) and a steely for 160. I am too generous...

You Wont See Me

Looking good, send one my way

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