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my centerfed front cocking 98Custom

i finaly got this damn vid to work, sory it's so crappy i was running the camera myself so i'm almost out of frame and too far away. if that's not bad enough my tank is almost empty so the R\T was acting up THumb down it's my first atempt at video so go easy on me!! i plan on a closeup vid (when i get more co2) so you can see how the front cocking and centerfeed works! Enjoy
Click here to watch 98C-vid

Nice vid. Surprised

I still havent gotten around to taking video of my 98 RT, or getting a new front bolt. Someday.

Ya its hard running the camera yourself. Once I mounted mine to the side of the gun for a badass view, but crappy video.
Roll Tide

Cool video.

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