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My day.

I have a neighbor who lives in a two story house. He is like 85, and his wife is in her late 60's. These people have always been strange, and today I got first hand experience as to why my parents always refer to them as the neighborhood loons.

For whatever reason my dad told them last night that I would come over this morning (early. ugh.) and help them clean up their place because they were going to have a new houseguest in August. Anyway, I digress.

The husband, having grown up during the great depression, is the biggest packrat I have EVER seen. Their house is about 4k square feet, and it is pretty much wall to wall junk. Their backyard is filled with useless old car parts and rusted out useless trash. Their garage is filled to the ceiling with unidentified junk. I have NEVER seen their garage doors open. Ever. The path leading to the frontdoor is lined with tarps that are covering god knows what. You literally have to turn sideways to get to the door. Some byways inside the house are completely unpassable.

So, I got up at 5:30 this morning and headed over there. After almost tripping on something on the porch, she lead me to the backyard. I thought "oh noes. the CANS!" Sure enough, she led me to their mammoth pile of old soda cans and told me to rebag them. EIGHT! COUNT EM! EIGHT! 33 gallon trashbags FULL of soda cans. Most of them were out of date in 2002. The oldest I found had a drink by date of April 10, 1997. Why in the name of hell would you just make this big ass pile of cans in your back yard? THROW THEM AWAY!

After I got all that done, she led me to the porch again. On the left wall is/was a stack of newspapers 5 feet high by 4 feet wide. She told me to bag them up in paper grocery bags because... get this... her husband wants to sell them! These are local papers no older than 2004. Who would buy them?! But I gritted my teeth and filled 16 paper bags with worthless newspapers that should've been thrown away 5 minutes after they landed on the doorstep. But NO! I had to sit out there in the hundred degree heat filling paper bags with newspapers that aren't worth a nickel. I'm probly gonna end up going back (goody) and will do my best to get some pictures of this lunacy.

That was my day. Thanks for listening.

WOW Shocked

yep that's all i got to say

you should steal some papers and sell them so you get some sort of a profit... Confused

Wow. We have a paper from 9/11.

Recycle the cans. That pay good money for that in Cali right?

He probably wants to keep them. Why else would they have been sitting back there for the past decade? If he just lets my newly bagged ones rot away in the sun I'm gonna be pissed.

sucks for you baaaaaad man. why dont you just burn the newspapers and look all shocked when it happens because you were somewhere else when it was starting? Cool
seriously man. that sucks

If that house catches fire, it will be epic. That entire property is so full of flammable material it may as well have walls filled with gasoline. In fact I was half tempted to take a big stack of papers and walk them back across the street and throw them in my trash can. That is what normal people do, afterall.

Your a good person helping out your "older" neighbors.

I used to mow my old neighbors yard for him. He was pushin 90 when he died.

That blows. Are you at least getting payed?

My parents are paying me for my time, they aren't. That's fine with me.

Thanks Justice.
You Wont See Me

Just think....someday you'll be old and stubbern like that.

Hahaha thats great!! Atleast your a good samaritan. But yeah, i knoe crazy people like that...

I donned my ninja suit and took some photos over there today. The battery is dead right now (stupid Nikon) so I'll charge it tonight and post them tomorrow.

Stay on the edge of your seat, folks. Surprised

There's a view of the bags I filled with newspapers. The front door is inside that darkened area to the right. Notice all the crap?

Closer view of my baggage.

The gate to the backyard. Notice the sheds. (Who knows what's in those)

That's where the mountain of cans used to be.

This pic says it all. First, notice the trashbags in the lower right. Cans. Notice the branches piled up on that shelf. Those used to completely block entrance to the garage from the backyard, until they were cut down. there's so many of them we can't gid rid of them until the big dumpster gets here. And of course, you can't miss all the miscellaneous items back there.

i wouldn't be surpirsed if you found a dead body

abr5 wrote:
i wouldn't be surpirsed if you found a dead body

Or fluffy the cat.

or spot the dog

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