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You Wont See Me

My day

So today at work I was stocking the dairy like normal. I stocked the milk like normal, and started pushing a pallet of milk with about 60-70 gallons across the dairy cooler. I clipped the corner of another pallet and all the crates went tumbling, causeing the biggest milk spill I've ever seen. It stretched all the way across the cooler. The guy I'm with then decides its time for him to be off and leaves me to clean it up....great. It took about an hour to clean with a mop. I had to triple bag the gallons of milk and they still leaked all the way to the compactor.


Thats a bummer. Are they going to make you pay for it or anything?

sounds fun man, good thing it wasnt soda, that stuff is sticky
You Wont See Me

RoboCop wrote:
Thats a bummer. Are they going to make you pay for it or anything?

No, none of the managers found out about it, and i wouldnt have to if they did.

It was still a good time at work. All we do is jack around back there anyway.
g36 monkey

sounds like a fun time Laughing

hahaha awsome! it could have been worse. yea, at the ol window factory wed never have to pay if we accidently broke a $500 window. part of the manufacturing process.

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