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it's the Payne!!!

MY DM5 with tadao

after a few problems with some o-rings and getting a parts kit from tippyjack(of gun is running at 100%. it still needs some messing around with the trigger, and some other settings...but other that that i love this gun...


-UL barrel .688 or proto one piece barrel
-crossfire tank 68ci 4500psi
-Halo B with critical cone(Halo B needs a new motor and other stuff)
-lucky tophat o-rings:

-Critical trigger:

(has to be the best trigger i have used)

-lubed with Hater sauce:

(very good lube. it lets me lower my LPR but i hate how hard it is to get the smell of the lube off my hands)

-tadao THump board

it's almost done...all i need now is:
-aka sidewinder reg
-new CCM feedneck
-some bolt mods
-lucky 25 gram switch(still think i may not get it though)
-tag sportz red eyes
-another Halo B for my DM only with ups
-LP tank, either crossfie or Macdev tank

but for now...i'll stick with this setup right now...

Nice gun, pretty fast.

I personally would've gottne virtue or predator board, but thats just me.

but very nice gun

Good stuff.

Tyler Humphrey>every other pro baller.
g36 monkey

dude, thats freakin sick.
very nice, i always love your pictures too, very informing Rambo
it's the Payne!!!

redneckdeerhunter wrote:
Tyler Humphrey>every other pro baller.

i agree...thanks for the feedback guys...and g36 monkey...i like using my digital

redneckdeerhunter wrote:
Tyler Humphrey>every other pro baller.

Nah, I'd have to say Maximus Lundquist is better.

Maximus is the best. Period.
Fraige is good too. Period.
it's the Payne!!!

but everyone has their good and bad days....
Roll Tide

Why does it have DM4 grips?
it's the Payne!!!

Roll Tide wrote:
Why does it have DM4 grips?

i bought it used and it came with a hybrid grip( Ewwww ) i tryed to look for some dye i found some at my local store...all they had were DM4 and LCD i got the DM4....and could not be happier with them.

hybrid grips are awsome. i love them.

to each his own i guess

very nice marker, it must rip

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