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My gat.

Well, I found a great deal on an Ion that I couldn't resist. $185 wasn't bad at all. Thank you abr5. It works great. I love it. I hope to up it some more.
CCM no rise feedneck
NDZ roller blade trigger
Virtue qev
Smart Parts drop forward rail and asa with on/off
The tank shown isn't mine, but it is exactly the same thing that is in the mail on its way to my house. A 68/5000 Evil scion tank.
Also in the mail is the Empire tank cover which is shown in Action Village.

Hopefully coming for ups are:
new bolt
cp reg
new barrel system
and maybe a new asa.

Sorry for the crappy pics, but thats what you get with a crappy camera. I hope to get a nice new camera for Christmas if I don't go buy one for myself.

nice gat, how did you know what QEV it was?

I looked at it and went to Action Village and noticed how the virtue qev was darker in color and the words match up.

Looks good. That's a great deal. Cant wait to see it upped.

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