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g36 monkey

My Ion

I just want to get rid of it as fast as I can, figure Id put it up here. Its black, looks good, very few scratches that I can even see.
Sry about no pics, I dont have a camera, and my neighbor isnt home.
Ill let it go for $130, will even throw in a revvy w/ a broken lid which might even be fixable, or you can take the parts from inside it.
Im selling because theres an amazing deal on a proto, and i need the money as fast as possible, I already have $300, and the gun is $425. Cheers

i just bougyht an ioon a week ago....along with that the dynasty body kit, i like it alot
g36 monkey

you shoulda waited a week and got mine, dirt cheap Laughing
You Wont See Me

I would if i wasnt in need of a new car.
g36 monkey

think ive got this problem solved, mowin a bunch of lawns on tuesday, and sellin random odd/end things at school, i have 2 spyders for sale. well a spyder xtra w/ e-99 avant frame, and body. and an icon (not the LED, but the other electric one w/ like 36 modes) sell em as a pair for $80, have hoppers and tanks on both if anyone wants em.
if not they should be gone at school tomorrow or the next day Laughing

mods can delte this, if you want to.

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