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My latest projects...

So as some of you may or may not know I purchased a Seig X2 mini mill a while back.  It works pretty well for what I use it for (nothing super high accuracy). I recently joined the Robotics team (Geeky I know, but its a lot of fun, get to work on a lot of different machines, and get to hang out with some friends) which has made me way more interested in my mill. I've learned techniques to get more accurate results. Here is one project that I recently completed...

Its a PCB Vise. I milled it out of scrap metal. It holds PCB's very well and is really nice to have with my soldering iron. The angel at which it holds the PCB is adjustable.

(I need to clean up the jaws a little bit, but I am too lazy...)

The other thing I built was a lab power supply. I took a computer power supply out of an old computer and wired it so taht I could use it for my own purposes. I use combinations of the different wires to get differnet voltages, from 1.7 up to 24. Its quite useful for testing stuff.

My final project is a little more ambiguous. I ordered a bunch of electrical components so I could make a stepper board controller (I will need to etch my own pcb and solder everything by hand). I salvaged some stepper motors from old printers and scanner thats I got for free. Next up, make a CNC engraver. Thats right... The spindle will be a dremel (in a mount). I'll get pics as I make it. I have concept sketches that should work (mainly ideas stolen from other home made CNC's) but I don't feel like uploading them. I am aiming for a totaly cost of around $70.

Awesome. Maybe you can make small pieces for people when it all works.

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