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My New guns

So, I traded my timmy for this shocker. I love the feel of shockers, and since timmy resale is way down, i got a pretty good deal IMO. Originally it was my timmy and my tank, then I told him that his shocker wasn't worth that much, and now its timmy for shocker straight up. The shocker is on its way right now (I hope)

Yes I know it is pink. It was the only shocker that was interested in my timmy lol. The pictures are really pixely, click on them for better pics

And here is my *almost* completed pump

It has a Smoke CCM Pump kit, Freeflow Urban Camo (uber rare) body, Freeflow slider, AKA sidewinder Reg (on its way), Hybrid Snow Camo grips. I still need to get 2 internal screws and a feedneck (that is my timmy feedneck) to finish the gun. Also, I have internals for the trigger frame on the way.
The pump is soooo smooth. I can hold the pump handle, and tip the gun and it will cock. Its amazing and feels dead sexy

Oh, and here is my CUSTOM MADE!!! 50 round pack.

Incredible Hulk colors, made completely of Duct tape, Velcro, and staples

Cool stuff. Hopefully you get the shocker. Nice cocker. I should pick one up someday. Also nice pod pack. I wouldn't have the patience to do that.
g36 monkey

thats nice, very good steal with the shocker.

love the pod pack
and the cockers lookin great
You Wont See Me

Nice pump.

Nice looking guns. Decide what you're doing with the Sniper yet? I know for a fact you could get a nice gun straight up for it.

I'm sure I could get a nice pm6, or an extremely nice shocker or something, but I really like this gun.

Plus I have CCM internals and a VERY rare Dye Single trigger Swing Frake coming in soon.

You Wont See Me wrote:
Nice pump.

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