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my new ND FS

yup... woke up to this morning and opened the door to the kitchen and this was staring at me... happy day.

so now all i need is a new pair of grips, maybe a new rail.

pretty cool man. is it ur b-day or somethin? cuz thats a nice suprise.

Nice gun, I like it alot. Let us know how is shoots.

hah... no i traded my dm3 for it... i wasn't expecting it for another hour or two....

Nice. Lose the grips. It doesn't look to good. Either lose them or get a hawt camo anno.

in fact i just made a f/s/t thread on nation for the grips

Kool man, tell us how she shoots.

Nice. Maybe a new barrel too. Go for a barrel kit that matches.

nah... cp one piece barrels are where its at... i don't even care that it doesn't match Smile

Nice gun. My friend has one. Very nice gun
g36 monkey

my friend wants one of them things so bad...they are freakin sweet....great buy/trade Laughing

Yo I forgot to get the macro, I'll get it tomorrow....Lata.

Looks awesome. You should get some Hybrid Contract Killa panels for it.

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