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My new new gun


So, yesterday my friend asked me if I wanted to trade my cocker for his 06 speed.

Actually, let me start from teh beginning. I had one team mate who had this 06 speed for a while (4 months). My other friend had an alias and a shocker, which he 2 4 1'd for an Angel 1. Then, my friend with the A1 said he didn't like how small teh A1 is, so he asked my friend with the 06 speed to trade. So they traded, the guy with the 06 speed adding 250. So now, the guy who used to own the A1, now owns the 06 Speed. He really likes cockers, especially mine. He asked me the other day if I wanted to trade, since he really wants another cocker. I agreed, of course. He agreed to never trade the cocker.

So for my cocker (the pink one) w/o a barrel got traded for an 06 speed with a CP barrel kit.

here is the 06 speed...

Its kinda funny, my dad is gone visiting my grandparents right now. When he left, I still had my cocker and my timmy. Now the timmy is gone (and the shocker is coming tomorrow), and my cocker is gone for the 06 speed.

Also, its been a little bit like a christmas week for me. I got 2 new guns (when the shocker comes in), I sold a tank and bout 50 dollars in parts for my pump, I bought an AKA sidewinder reg, internals for my cocker trigger frame, and I have a stockclass harness on its way. 3 packages tomorrow, and 2 on friday. Cheers Cheers Cheers Cheers Cheers Cheers Cheers Cheers Cheers Cheers Cheers Cheers Cheers

My sister took the pics, and there wasn't much lighting, hence the not so graet pics

Your such a gun whore. I hate it when people get these good deals. Good job though. I liked your pink cocker though. I don't know if i could have traded it, but you have another one so I guess it would be alright to get a nice angel.

Well the only reason I was able to trade it was because it was going to a good friend who i know would treat it well, and also who promised to not trade it, and promised to get the new pink hybrid grips Laughing

Yeah I've got quite a few guns, but I never play much anymore. I might be having a huge sale in a while. Keep the SL and get rid of everything else. Thinking
g36 monkey

ha ha, you know how to work some deals, looks pretty sweet.

and poor smitty, you do have like a million guns Laughing

I think Im gettin my ion back for free cuz my friends moving and doesnt want it, or ill give him a lil bit of money, its goin for 70 if soemone offers for it.

so then Id have 4 (proto, ion, a-5, tigs pump)

I have 4 guns, sadly 2 of them are 98 customs and 1 is custom pro. So basically 3 of the same gun. The other is an Ion. I will get updated pics of the Ion with new barrel soon.

Hah. I've got 2 98cs (one milled one original), Custom Pro E, SL-68 II, and that Zap Amp. I might actually have the Amp sold. Not sure yet. Razz
You Wont See Me

Same pic over and over? Laughing

NIce gun

different pics, but they look the same.

I have 4 guns, the 06 speed, the pump, the shocker, and the a-5.
In the past i've had....
5 cockers
2 Angels
2 Ions
1 Shocker
1 Timmy
1 Bushy
1 Phantom
1 ACI Hornet (pump)
1 A-5

And I think thats it...

updated pics

Haha. I would say the new pics look better than the ones you took. And you say your sister takes bad pics.

hey, i was using a webcam built into a lap top, 1.3 mp, not exactly high tech. She had some fancy shmancy nikon

Nice looking guns. I'm liking the 06, but not the HK sticker on it...

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