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jeep 98 custom

My new, pewter Dynasty....

Yup, the DM5 is gone, here's the new toy....


Freak kit
Freeflow V3 bolt kit
Predator 2 board
CP reg
NDZ roller trigger
NDZ clamping feedneck

Should arrive tuesday. I can't wait, I'm a Shocker owner at heart, so I'm going back to my roots with this one.
g36 monkey

its so beautiful jeep. Veryu nice, sad to see the dm5 go but im a shocker lover.

Very nice Dynasty Shocker. I've never seen one in that color, me likey. Salut


Teamate Im playing with today just got a used Shocker, Iv never shot one.

Looks great, man. Take some of your own pics when it comes in, outside.

Dynastys are my favorite.

yes very nice indeed

Does it have whole predator kit? (eyes, micro switch and board)

Very nice dynasty shocker.

I miss the DM5, but love this. Sweet. Nice to see you here Jeep.

Very nice..! I was a fan of the DM5, but man, this looks awesome. You'll have to let us know how she works.

nice, there is one exactly like that on the wall at my field.
jeep 98 custom

Wow, just got it today, and it's absolutly amazing. I completly love it. It's so hott, tiny, and fast. I can tell already this was a good trade. The DM5 was just getting old, I needed something new, and wanted to get rid of it while the resale was still good.

It only has the drop in Predator board. The whole kit would be kool, but $350 isn't worth it to me.

I'm really anxious to shoot this baby. I aired it up and ripped on it, but I need to shoot it in a game now.

I'm finally going back to my roots with this one. I fell in love with the 03 Shockers when they first came out, wanted one forever, got one, loved it, and was sad when I got rid of it. I've been wanting another one ever since. I guess I'm just a Shocker owner at heart.

Just for fun, here's my old Shocker in all it's golden glory....

g36 monkey

your old one still looks really nice. Granted not as good as this one Very Happy
Cant wait to see it with your own pics.

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