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My non-big, non-ongoing gun thread *vid*

My Ion has been wonderful to me with never giving me any problems, but i was tired of the "you must be a noob because you have an Ion" type of people, even though they get owned by my Ion in the end. So I had to pick something up that was not too expensive but still in the mid-high end class. So this is where this 06 minion comes in. I always loved the minion since it came out. I always wanted one but the price tag was out of my range. Now that the 07s are out with 08s on the horizon (even though there won't be any 08 minions) I found one for a good price. $280 shipped and paypal'd. The guy is even going to rebate me $10 so I can replace the battery harness. The thing is barely used and works flawlessly. It seriously rips.



280, very good price.

Looks good, very good shape. Good pick up.

But the title of your thread sucks. Very Happy

haha, I thought the title was very appropriate.

My minion hated me, I hope yours does good.

Vid added.

I love tadao. It came stock in my darq. Its sooooooooooo incredibly fast
g36 monkey

dude it looks freakin sick.

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