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my noob cannon...again...

i recently got a few of the final ups for my gun, and heres da specs

Spyder electra '05
CP foregrip
Dead on Drop
Macroline kit
72ci 3000 psi PMI steel tank
4 Piece Empire Barrel kit
Empire reloader B/View loader eggy II hopper (Empire loader is ggggreat, i felt so much faster with it, the eggy just is to messed up, gravity + stairs has had adverse effects on it lol)
Smart Parst RASE tank cover/NXe tank cover (ones for sale)
evil '05 pants nd jersey (red)
Vforce Pro Vantage gogles
4+3+2 CP pack

(and yeah i knwo itsa spyder, why up it? i love it its always worked great for me, and i do it just to show a spyder can rip if its kept up right)

so heres some pix of me testin it in my freinds backyard

new barrel testin (the far left green circle is with my new empire kit, the other 2 splotches are from ym stock barrel)

main set up

with eggy nd barrel kit

Just thought this looked kinda cool...

i know not many pix, but hopefully ima try to get a vid tomorrow, it shoot great tho its still louder than crap lol, lemme know wut u think tho (apart from how u hate spyders lol jk i dont care)

Your spyder is more than decent. It looks ready to go and it sounds like it is ready to go. Good job on it. i personally just couldn't think of spending that much on something unless the barrel kit could fit on other guns besides just the spyder. You probably should have waited and purchased a better tank but if it works and you can refill in between games, no need to spend all that money.

Big ass drop.

Other than that, not shabby at all.

yeah im not gunna lie ive put a lot into this thing, but, ive gotten discounts on everything but the Empire Reloader-B (i mean the egg was 20$ cuz a former freind won it in tourney), i got the empire barrel kit free technically (giftcard to actionvillage last xmas present from a few freinds) but hey it shoots great, nd the tanks not too bad, i just gotta bulk up a tad more muscle for it to be light, no worries lol, but i like it (nd the drop actually fits me better cuz i hafta play tighter cuz of my size im 6'3" 260 lbs lol so its great), and i plan to not put nething else into it unless needed (replacement parts etc.), so im happy. thanks tho guys

MetaLManaC582 wrote:
260 lbs

It shows, jp. You actually don't look that heavy, but of course you are very tall and beafy. Just the upper torso and head shot doesn't show you to be that big.

lol meh, least im tall, so it dont show lol, but idk, least no one messes with me loke back in da 4th grade when i was a squirt lol, so it all works out Cheers

On that note, you do look like you could snap me over your leg. Surprised

But yeah. I like it, sans drop. New Spyders impress me quite a bit.

Very nice setup you got. Could you get a vid up?

Looks nice Salut

Justice wrote:
Looks nice Salut
g36 monkey

it looks great....very nice for a spyder.

g36 monkey wrote:
it looks great....very nice for a spyder.

TriggerHappy1 wrote:
Could you get a vid up?

im gunna try, it just depends if i can find newhere to do it again, cuz when we tested it at my freinds house we got yelled at, but hopefully later today well take a vid, but ill try to get one, if not no biggie

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