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my noob cannon

i know not many of u prolly like it, but i used to have a spyder, it suked, then i got a 98, it worked okay, then i moved back with the spyder because i had heard a lot of good things bout the electra, and damn am i impressed, the rocking trigger works perfectly with how i walk and ive even added 3-4 bps b/c i can use 3 fingers, and everything on its stock, so as of now no porblems and its very consistent with the bored barrel, i love it. as soon as i get enough money im getting a PMI 88 ci 4500 psi tank (ive currently got 20 oz co2) so i hope that imporves it even more, but let me know wut ya'll think, positive or negative i dotn care, but if u have ne suggestions it would b greatly apreciated since ima neWb[/img]

Welcome to the forum!

Not a bad gun, its not stock. I hear that rocking trigger is pretty damn fast. Like it? Looks pretty cool.

Just make sure to read the rules and use the edit button next time. You could have an admin lock or delete the post...

Im not a big fan of spyders...but, I like the black/blue color scheme..

yeah, the rocking trigger is really fast, i had 300$ to spend, tried my freinds ion then got to shoot the electra at the denver NPPL, and i loved the electra as soon as i unloaded the re-balls they had. and yeah not many ppl like spyders, bad rep, but ive shot it a lot so far, only played with it twice, its a tad heaver than it should be, but its not to bad, and the ACS bolt hasnt chopped yet, its alright, again sorry for the image posts of teh stockyness

don'y have much experience with spyders but i like it! as long as you're happy with it that's all that matters. welcome to the forum hope you enjoy your stay!!
g36 monkey

Once you come in you can never go out Laughing
Anyways, it looks very nice. Im not necesarilly a fan of spyders, but thats just because i want more high end guns, but spyders have always performed well around me. I wanted an e-99 avant with empire B as my speed gun, then my dad said only one gun for everything, so it shattered my hopes and dreams. Hope your doin well with the electra, sure sounds like it.

I personally don't like my Spyder that much. It will rock when it works, but it breaks often.

i dont like spyders but if you like it....that cool...just think about gettin a new barrel....

yeah i was gunna look into that neways thumleft

And, it lives up to its name.

Spyder, meh. You would have been better off with the Ion.

Welcome to the 'Looza.
g36 monkey

grrr to the ion. The spyder is just fine and he likes it. Like they said invest in a new barrel, can never go wrong with a better barrel.

Nicest Spyder I've seen. 10/10

If you take care of them they are nice markers. But not many people do and they tend to be leaky.

cdacda13 wrote:
And, it lives up to its name.

Score one for Cda.

g36 monkey

Well unfortuantely we cant all get dust red a4 flys like you cda. I would have to say its a very good beginner gun.

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