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My timmah!!! tons of pics

Here is my timmy...

It has a Shocktech ram and bolt, CCM feedneck, Hyper 2 reg, and Shocktech on/off (not in picture)

But wait! Theres more!!!

I bought a Critical Frame and trigger for it. I also broke 2 of my barbs (over tightened em), so i tapped the ram for cocker barbs. Hopefully it won't leak Confused . It shouldn't, but tere is always that fear. I also took off the grips because 1) the screws are to long and hit the board and 2) it is way more comfortable

And here is the cat I bought for it...

(sorry bout the kitty porn Tounge)

I am planning to get the new Killa Board. It has tons of features, and is made by the person that made Frenzy boards. It also uses an LCD, a HUGE plus.



I have that same measuring cup. Oh and nice gun.

Nice gun. I think some Contract killer grips would look good on it. No grips looks weird to me.

That critical frame makes the gun look so much better.

ahhhhhhh i aired it up and there is a huge leak. can't figure it out, but hopefully will get it fixed before tomorrow. I stole this kids tank (88/4500) and filled my stubby, so I have lots of air to use.

Ram or LPR maybe? I don't know a lot about Timmies.
Roll Tide

AHHHHHH kittah pr0n!

tarallo wrote:
Ram or LPR maybe? I don't know a lot about Timmies.

Well turned out i needed to replace the front ram oring. This gun rips now, absolutely rips. Just in time for my tourny tomorrow

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