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my trusty 98

Havnt used or touched this thing in a while. RT cycles 18-20bps, and my Halo B can keep up although I havnt shot it all much. This weekend Im going up to my mountain house so all my guns will get a good workout.

By the way, I have a Flatline too but didnt feel like installing it yet.

Also, when I took apart my gun today there was rust inside.

ALL metals oxidize (true term for rust), but Iv never seen aluminum but only steel like this. Must be an alloy.


the rust is a nice Halo B(you son of a....j/k). but why the M4 sight rail????...but over all a nice 98c...gets a 9.7 out of 10.

Nice. I like it. I'd try to fix the rust.
You Wont See Me

Oh NOEZ! Rust!!

Lookd good

The rust could have gotten into your gun because another foreign metal has gotten into your gun and started building rust. I have a good rust resistant oil I use for my gun, just in case.

did you by chance use steel wool to polish your internals? if so the steel wool would leave tiny bits of itself imbeded into the alum, hence the rust

EDIT- i almost forgot nice gun i'm digging that trig guard

Your right about the rust. Its from the spring from the POS anti-chop crap. Never thought of that. Just put in a brand new front bolt too because the old one was modifyed for that ACB crap. Only $6 for a new one at my local shop, only less than $3 more!

Halo B cost my $70 I think. Isnt she preeeeetty. Dont you wish you could touch her grunt? mmmhmm, lol.

The site rail I got for Christmas, looks and feels better for me. Doesnt do anything though, but cool.

TriggerHappy1 wrote:

Halo B cost my $70 I think. Isnt she preeeeetty. Dont you wish you could touch her grunt? mmmhmm, lol.

DAMN YOU!!!!!lol...but i don't think now you need the anti-chop bolt because you got a halo B.

Yes, the anti-chop bolt couldnt keep up with my RT. Shooting 20bps, less than ten would come out. Hated the mod after that. Ill get some good videos shooting that fast this weekend up the mountains.

The halo b can be a hassle if you don't have a rip drive on it. Always bring an extra battery pack also. Trust me, it shows no warning until it won't work anymore. When it runs out of enough battery power it stops and begins blinking the light red and green. THumb down

Any 98C that can rip 20bps is kool in my book.

9-10. didnt like the sight/handle or it would be 10-10.

Nice looking gun. I like the grip panels. Cheers

Aluminum rusts to form Aluminum Oxide. Aluminum Oxide is silver in color and is more dense then normal aluminum. Basically, everything bare Aluminum that you see is rusted. Since this rust is very dense, it actually forms a protective coat around the metal everywhere it is exposed to air. The oxygen molecules cannot penetrate the Aluminum Oxide so the rusting doesn't continue to eat up the metal - unlike the red Iron Oxide on a piece of steel.
Use a metal conditioner like Militec-1.

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