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My Unfinished Ion Project

Heres my Ion so far. I know the colors dont go, but I got it like this for basically in-hand-out-door, so I'm happy. I'm getting a new barrel, loader, and body for it soon.

cool man. arent they coming out with a dynasty ion or something? i heard it and sorta saw it on the pbNation podcast?

Nice. I like the Superman style.
g36 monkey

looks pretty sweet, im tolerating ions much better, wouldnt want to own one but i like the looks better than i first did Very Happy
Superman looks sweet on lotsa guns, ions it aint bad at all Rambo

Im not a big fan of the "superman" scheme. You need more red in it if you're gonna go with it. Not bad though.

Hehe, its got a NDZ Roller Trigger, CP ASA on/off, NDZ Drop Forward, a NDZ Twistlock Feedneck, and the new Ion Virtue Board (OMG). It came like that from my manager for $200. I switched the red body to a blue body and I am planning on putting a SITH Tactical Body on it, so its gonna be alil bit of red with mostly black.

u sellin it?? and yea ghost they are comin out with a ion dynasty marker i belive that various ppl told me ( I did not belive them thought just kept it in my mind )

Nope, not selling it. This is my baby for now on.

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