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Roll Tide

Need a Suggestion...

I've officially declared this weekend "Scare the crap outta myself weekend." I saw Silent Hill tonight and am seeing An American Haunting tomorrow.

Now, I need more. I want a scary movie, regardless of age, that is more Excorcisty than guy-kill-everyone-except-this-girl movie. I was thinking about the original the Omen, because satanic-like movies generally freak me out.

The name-giver of the movie I deem to be the scariest wins 20 eCookies along with whatever they want in my sig for a week (must be forum appropriate).

Nightmare on Elm Street- Lost a lot of scariness due to age. Still, go into with low expecations and you'll be scared.

Orginal Texas Chain Saw Massacre- Still one of the movies that I'm afraid to watch alone in the Dark.

The Devil's Rejects- Just, wow.

watch a porn movie of your parents, that'll scare ya

but for rizzle, i never watch scary movies, so i can't really help ya cept for my bad suggestion
g36 monkey

my gf is scared to death of dawn of the dead, ive never seen it so i couldnt help you. Umm, that one movi about the group of people that go on a trip....i think its called cabin fever, thats suposed to be really scary. Nightmare on elm street movies are more funny now than naything thansk to age like cda said, the corny efects and such.
texas chainsaw massacre is really scary.
possibly "it" by stephen king or any other stephen king movie for that matter, or tarentino movies are scary....thats what i got Confused

Dawn of the dead wasnt scary to me, nothing really is anymore. Movies are more violent than scary these days.

Try new or old texas chainsaw
old excorcist
or saw 1/2 id consider pretty scary.

The Hills Have Eyes...freaky shiznit right there.

The Devils Rejects is also scary, but I wont steal cda's suggestion.
Roll Tide

Alright, here's a little report for all of you.

First, Silent Hill. Pretty creepy but poor acting. It wasn't worth the $7 but it might make a nice rental in a few years. 6/10

Second, An American Haunting. Makes you jump like crazy, but gets a little repetitive. However, after you think about it the plot is pretty damn freaky. 7/10

Third, Wolf Creek. Blah. Kids go camping, car breaks down, slaughter. In that order. 4.5/10

Fourth, Rosemary's Baby. Whoa. See it. Now. Scary as poo-poo. 8.5/10

I still have the Skeleton Key and Session 9 to watch, so I'll keep you posted.

i have heard that broke back mountain was scary. pick it up you will probably like it.

Roll Tide wrote:
Session 9

I heard thats an awsome movie, and it was filmed in byberry and other local abandoned places.

Hills have Eyes as someone else said. Another good one IMO is The Blair Witch Project. It's a real documentary so it's even scarier.
Roll Tide

I need to see the Hills Have Eyes, I've heard good things from just about everyone.

Tig, were you trying to be funny? So much for you being mature...

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