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need new x-chamber

OK now that i have stolen the Palmers and x-chamber off of my flamed 98C to put on the E-bolted one i need a new x-chamber for the original gun. what do you guys have and how does it work? please don't say get brand X then procede to tell me what features it has, i'm not interested in a sales pitch i want to know what one works best.....from experience.

Mine from Tippmann was very simple, just a couple chambers with a bolt running through the middle. I would think you could just build a tube with low restriction to flow and large volume for expansion, maybe chambers to keep pressure up. Also large external surface area made from a conductive material to promote heat transfer. CO2 in at the bottom, out at the top.
I would be willing to give you my old Tippmann A-5 X-chamber (), but you would have to rethread the bottom since it got crossthreaded and fouled. There are good threads in it, just the first few are chewed up. Tippmann used soft metal and the gas line threads ate right though it. Maybe with a drill press and the right size bit you could bore out the bad threads, then have access to the good ones with the gas line? PM me if you want me to mail it.

x-cores are best Smile

just make one. its basicaly a hallow tube with an insert through the middle thats about the same size, and ribbed with recessions on every other side.

DOP X-Core

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