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Need some help again.....

from the pic you can see..i now have three 98c...the one at the bottom i'm working on right now to fit my E-bolt in....yes the top 98c looks done but it need some tweaking and a new main project is now is my middle 98c....i just need some help on a few things..

.for one the trigger...with my new 98c i got from tippyjack of, it came with a custom trigger...and i was going to do one myself...but if i do that and try to make a stock GTA trigger into a stick me this would make the trigger weak(i may break on me) is there anything i could use to make it stronger??? some sort of Epoxy???

.valve mods...i know about the custom LPK...would their be anything else i could do to make my 98c get more shots and more consistency....


i machined an aluminum trigger out of billet worked well but you probably don't have the tooling to do that, you could drill a hole and epoxy something on it but any time you drill plastic you are asking for trouble.

hmmmm more shots and concistancy....other than E-Bolt i'm drawing a blank man Thinking

yes an E-bolt dose sound good...but it's a new style 98c(only E-grip...if i wanted to an E-bolt...but that is going to take alot of work) it's going to have a APE ramping board...i think that is what it's called...i would make a trigger out of aluminum...but you are right i don't have the tools with me....but soon i will when i get out of high school and i go to a college with a Machine stock GTA trigger is temporary...later going to get an Engler this i a quick fix...sort of...but thanks tig.

Looking good, grunt. Salut I cant think of anything other than some sort of epoxy for the trigger. As for the valve... Confused

before(the on in the middle):


this is what i did to my second 98c....

fixed the trigger a seems strong enough for me...all it needs is a pre-pull and over-pull trigger stops...

milled my CP rail a little so my tank can be closer not to my gun...

the tank is still very stable..even though the rail is only using now two set screws now...going to paint it later...more updates to come....
g36 monkey

supreme 98c, veru nice job grunt.

like em alot man.

thanks....i think i did a good job....i would have bought a dye rail or CCM rail...but i had no for right now...this works....

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