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New Evil Paint

Man this stuff is THICK! We thought Draxxus Hellfire had a nice thick paint, hell no! We did a side by side comparrison and the Evil looked like pudding. I was told it had iodine in it so it stains too.

Good luck trying to wipe this stuff. It just gets worse when you spread it.

Bright yellow fill, standard silver shell.
Rating - 10 out of 10 (fill)
Accuracy - Not tested.

*OPPS, Mods can you move this to product review. Sorry.

iodine so its stains, what next, gastric acid?
i gotta try some of this stuff out, sounds awsome

Wow, sounds sick, im picturing it as something like white lithium grease, or syrup or something.

^ More like pudding.

Yeah I should of gave it a 9 because of the iodine. But not sure if it's true that it actually does have iodine in it. This is what I was told at the field.

Moved. Sounds awesome. I just wouldn't like to get stains all over my clothes when I play. Do you have a price? Or a link to it?

I've heard this stuff is super thick. i think my friend got to shoot some this weekend actually, I'll have to check. I wouldnt mind getting my hands on 500 or so, just to mess around with.

The orange stains like crazy.

I like hard wipe paint, but staining? Seriously, I want my clothes to look nice and stain free once it comes out of the washer. What is it called because all I see are the Evil and Midevil paint on their site.
You Wont See Me

Yeah, anyone got a link so I can see what they look like?

Those are orange, obviously. Very Happy

Never seen yellows around here.

I believe this is the Evil paint.

It comes in a Marballizer box but has the Ultra Evil paint fill.

Sorry for posting a thread in pball talk about this, I forgot where this thread was.

i used to shoot evils when i had the money to... i love the paint. flys very nice, bright shell so you can tell where the shots are going and a thick fill.

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