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New field for me!

So, a new field opened up literally half a mile from my house. It's also the first decent field in a fifty mile radius that actually has an airball setup. And it doesn't have those crappy ER bunkers either! It's a full Sup Air 7 man setup.

There's also a hyperball field, and our local favorite, the Town style course.

So, I'm pleased. So will my parents, once they learn that there wont be any more 40 mile trips one way.

Just thought I'd let y'all know....

Edit- Actually.... this might be in the wrong secton. Dang. THumb down

sweet man. hows the town course go? is it basically a mock urban setup?

buy a gold cart and give urself rides there.
or one of those mercedies electric cars, they go 30 and are street legal

Ghostslinger wrote:
sweet man. hows the town course go? is it basically a mock urban setup?

Yeah, it's like a mock town that has buildings that you can go into and schtuff. Popular around here. It's fun, but it can leave you needing new pants too.

Too poor to buy a motorized vehicle. Paint already kills me.

Sweet. I wish there was a field near me. Maybe then I'd actually play at one.

cool HS glad to hear it, they just opened a indoor PB field and are holding a summer league.....i think i will join, at least i can use my stuff! LOL
You Wont See Me

Sounds like a good time.

That reball place around here should be opening in a few months.

I really want a reball field to open up around here. Too bad all the available land is being used to build houses on. and all the big Reball field-sized buildings are bing leveled to build houses on.
g36 monkey

i love city fields, the place i work at has a big really nice one.
hope you can go more often now Rambo

Yea for you!!

Sounds like fun. My local field, about 20 minutes form my house, just put up a new field. I may get back into speedball once I get the Mag Rambo

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