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New from NEXUS

... I wanna spoon the pink lady.

got this from pbnation-

Anyway, the possibility of a Nexus team Edition Ego has been the subject of more wild speculation than Clinton's love life, but right here, right now, we can give you the world's first genuine low-down on Planet's latest super-gun after our spies infiltrated Eclipse HQ this afternoon.

Rather than just taking a stock Ego and dipping it in some different colored paint, Jack and the Planet tech-monkeys went back to the Nexus team and asked them exactly what they wanted from the gun. Comments such as "sleek and sexy", "all the upgrades, non of the fuss" were among the replies, so this is what they got...

The Nexus Ego combines all the best parts of what has gone before it, with some new twists in the tail all of its own.

Upgrades include:

All the features of the STAR Frame and Trigger - Including Integrated rail for tighter set-up, Extended Snatch grip, larger trigger guard, and the ability to chose either magnetic or spring return.
The reg swivels so the hose always lines up
Super Short D.A.R.T. Bolt with Ramped inlets and Bell Faced Head.
Custom Stainless Bolt Pin for extra grip
New Nexus 3D Sculpted Eye Covers
New Nexus 3D Metal Logo Badge
Exclusive Body Sculpting is in the same vein as the now legendary Nexus DC2 Cocker (Smooth and Sexy!)
Nexus Logo on LCD Screen
The FRM does not have a gauge port for a minimum profile
STAR Trigger - For increased comfort and speed
2-Piece SHAFT Barrel in matching colors

The gun is launching in four different finishes:
Ninja Black (Black satin finish with black polished parts)
Guns 4 Hire (Olive satin finish with black satin parts - This is exclusive to Pev's Paintball in the US and only a couple will be available in Europe)
Super Blue AKA "WRC Subaru" (Blue Satin Finish with Polished Gold Parts)
Pink Lady (This is the same as the Nexus DC2 Pink Lady and these bad girls will be limited to a maximum of 100).

With a launch price of MSRP $1695 (893.61 +VAT) and the first guns hitting the shelves at the Denver NPPL Event (Thursday 21st July 2005), head on over to to give your game an extra kick of Nexus power.

king K

Those are nice looking
You Wont See Me

Too flashy for me, but im a woodsballer.

Old, but secks nonetheless.

Damn, I didn't know it was going to be so expensive. We got another one up in DMC territory. THumb down

Eh, I'd rather take the XSV Ego.

As I said before, its nice,
it looks like a half block cocker, with a little timmy put in.

cdacda13 wrote:
As I said before, its nice,
it looks like a half block cocker, with a little timmy put in.

I don't see a halfblock in there anywhere.

Just a timmy.

You Wont See Me wrote:
Too flashy for me, but im a woodsballer.

no way.....i want one.... Thumbs up Thumbs up ...good find kev.

KINDA reminds me of a Karni mixed with an Ego; the way the two tubes are accentuated; looks like a Karni.


I think the blue/gold is too much like the XSV colours...they still look like teh secks though
king K

They have an olive one, it looks like secks.

jeep 98 custom

Those Olives are the hottest things ever. f my DM5 didn't shoot so great, I'd try and pick one of those up.

The blue and gold one looks like it would be some little kids toy because the colors make it look like a toy(plastic).

I'd rather have an XSV....But if the chance came id take it!!!

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