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New Project

Hey guys, I'm going to take my 98, and try turning it into one of those You know, high tech authentic army guns. Yeah, sounds weird, but i think it'll turn out nice. I need help finding.

- An Authentic Stock

- 16" Barrel, possibly an M16 like barrel

- Kick Ass Scope

Smile Im not a lazy ass, I just want to see if any of you have some nice sites for cheap prices, thanks guys.

High tech authentic army guns?  Hmmmmmm...........
P8ntBallKing10's for some big woods ball games at the cabin, huge. And i wanna make it really army like.

Army like....  Hmmmmmm.......

milsim? Is that the word your looking for?
I hate milsim and believe it is possibly the most pointless thing out there.

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