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New Scenario field being built in Texas

I believe it is Armotech that is building a brand new paintball field designed specifically for Scenarios.

Built for scenarios, by scenario players (Some of the work is being done by a
texas scenario team, 'The Gorillas', a team I happen to be pledged to.)

It's a large field, I believe it is somewhere nearing 120 acres set aside for play.

It'll contain a MOUT (Military Operations on Urban Terrain) Site:
MOUT site construction

These will be 40-50 buildings. Each building will be either 20 or 40 feet long 8 feet wide and 9 feet high. There will be several multistory buildings on site.

Also, most of these will have player configurable internal walls inside for added variety.

'Firebase Alpha' with a decomissioned Huey from the vietnam era installed and 'idiot-proofed'. It will be usuable as a bunker.
3 foot high walls of cement bags are the walls of this base.

Plans are made to make an airfield as well.

There will be some speedball fields put up to appease those with some liking towards it, as well as the normal recballers.

And that's all I remember at this point.

Some pictures are here:

It's a little rugged of a website, but navigatable.

For further info, check at it's home at:

That place looks like its going to be awsome!!!! Damn I wish I lived in Texas.
g36 monkey

I wish my uncle still loived there so i could visit him, he moved to england for military now hs stationed in california. Not cool

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