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NPPL Buffalo

Heading out for it tomorrow going to play the pump division. I am ridiculously excited for it. Its only costing me $150 for a hotel, entry, jersey, and a few other basic things. Looking to pick up some new pants and maybe a hopper (since all of mine broke  THumb down ). I am going up with 4 friends of mine, going to be fuuunnn. WOOOH

Lucky. i want to hit up the one down in Houston or something like that. If i do go, it will be a totally random team made from the Tippmann forum. This will only go down if we get the sponsorships that a guy has promised us.
g36 monkey

i havent done any like legit paintball in foreverrrr

Buffalo was AMAZING.

The venue was pretty meh, not too many companies came out. Firstcall had a tent there with lots of good deals. Pro jerseys and lots of other 07 jerseys for $25. I picked up an 07 Infamous just for fun. I only bought that, Grills lens, and elbow pads at buffalo. Watching the pros play was almost surreal. The field set up for the NPPL field seemed amazing and the pros were ridiculous to watch. It was pretty cool to just walk around. You'd walk to a tent and see Chris Lasoya chilling, walk over to another and there'd be Thomas Taylor. Pretty cool. I didn't get any autographs though. Oh well.

Sunday I played pump. We went to walk the field and were seeing how slippery it was. I did 1 superman and it killed my elbows, so I decided to get some pads. The field was 1 layer of turf on top of asphalt. Ouch. we played 10 games and went 6 and 4, losing our last one making us get 4th instead of 3rd... It kinda sucked. My knees get pretty ruined from the field. I am having lots of trouble walking. Oh well, it was well worth it. It was basically a bunker monkey for most of the tournament. I played snake insert so if our snake guy got out I had to run down whoever was in the snake. I put four balls on one guys face only to go out of bounds right afterwards. I probably bunkered 5 people in the 10 games we played. We had to play on the JT field, so we had a kinda shitty field set up. I'll post some pics of my playing if I get a chance.

Taken through the nets...
I have the tan and olive grills
The password for the album is: buffalo

doing the super agg gog's coverup. Gun in the wrong hand because I hate running with the gun in my right hand (I am a lefty). covering my face because I was actually getting shot at...

right before I busted a cap in some dude's face

bumped into snake after our snake guy got blasted

I bumped in right after our guy got shot so no one knew I was in there. Their snake player came out to bump up and I missed him  THumb down I got bunkered and shot in the head right after this shot

aftermath, left a nice gooseegg on my head

the team


bustin out from behind the stand up, going to the brick

overslid a bit, the field was SLIPPERY

shooting their carwash guy out

some team mates gattin people

teammate into the snake

trying to make my snake player not get bunkered


tiny barrel


one row of vendors, most had left at that point

next game

again ducking out from behind a tower, going to brick


up and gattin

teamate gattin

teammate in the snake

short barrel again

i looked away, my team mate in the snake got bunkered, I looked back then went to bunker their guy. shot him 4 times in the face then ran out of bounds after taking a bounce (the boundary line was really close to the snake). turns out the teammate that got bunkered got a bounce and was sitting right behind the guy i bunkered, unsure of what to do.

last game, switching hands mid breakout for some odd reason...


my knees were killing me from supermanning, so I baseball slid the last game. kinda lame

SS25 w/ stock class feed. mmmm

huge chicken wing, not sure why.

getting pinched

shootin snake

Alec Rudd, thats me!!

goofy ref trying to get in teh pic


Sequence taken by a photo place
gettin into snake, only to get shot out immediatly. Woops...

I'm jealous. I haven't played in ages. My tank still has air in it though. i was thinking of slinging some paint hopefully motivating me to actually play someday but i work all the time now.
g36 monkey

sweet pics
i looked at all of em

lucky you

did that win you anything?

Only those medals Not cool

Oh well, it was worth it, despite ruining my knees (which still hurt, and I have another tournament tomorrow, my 4th in 5 weeks)

Gratz man, Nice work! Thumbs up  Thumbs up  Thumbs up  Thumbs up  Thumbs up
g36 monkey

medals are always worth hurt knees

just playing is worth that much  Rambo

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