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NXE pod pack and pod review.*pics*

NXE pod pack-
The Good-I own a 5+4+2 pod pack. Its great for a back man. The pods are pushed out. Its the most comfotable thing ever.

The Bad- The pods can be hard to push back into the pack, so your best bet is o just throw them on the ground and pick them up after the game.

Dye lock lid pods-
The Good-Great pods. Flip top only comes up when you push the button. holds 160 rounds, so you'll always have enough paint on you.

The Bad- They are pricey.

32* pods-
The Good- Pretty cheap at my pro-shop.

The Bad- The top randomly pops up. Lids are easily broken. I have lost many a paintballs.


Thumbs up nice....i'm trying to get an NXE 5pod pack soon when i get the money...good review again.

NXe packs are great, as are Lock lids. I think I may be getting some lock lids soon.

Good review.

I had 1 lock lid in my vast assortment of pods awhile ago. Needless to say, it was my favorite.

Good review!

sorry to bring back an old thread but...i just bought a NXE 5-pack..this thing is awesome..very comfotable, great price($50), fast shipping(3-days ground) and looks awesome...can't wait to use it next weekend...also gettin some dye lid locks in the mail to.
g36 monkey

im gonna be gettin some of those lock lids when i get my pod pack. If they arent black wen i get them, they will be after a little work (aerosol in background)

i have like 9 dye lock lids cause people are always leavin pods around i have about 48 pods in my room

Send some to me! Surprised
g36 monkey

feel free to send me some, i dont got enough money to be payin $2 for each pod. I only need 4 Very Happy

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