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Well I haven't been around forever. I've had a ton of school work, and I've got a girlfriend now so that takes up a lot of time. I just got back from a band trip in New York City. It was pretty cool and I saw a lot of cool stuff. What have you guys been up to?
You Wont See Me

Chasing wire troubles on one of the camaros. Always a fun time. THumb down

You Wont See Me wrote:
Chasing wire troubles on one of the camaros. Always a fun time. THumb down
Ewww... That sucks. Actually, before I left, I took the truck out mudding. That was a good time. I'll have to get some pictures of the bad boy up soon. (I always say that, but I'm too lazy. Razz)

Nothing too much really. Just listening to a lot of music and playing a lot of guitar and bass.

Also playing a lot of Final Fantasy. I've been playing IX because it's my favorite, and catching up on X because I'd never played through it. Up next is XII, which I just bought, but haven't played it yet.


Basketball took up all of my winter. I'm now doing track but it's much more laid back. I now all about the girlfriend thing as well. Last night I played in an All-Star game for basketball. It was great because my team won 109-105 and I had 10 points. I get to play the Steelers tonight as they come to my school once every few years to play our faculty members. Should be fun. Cool

Hockey Game after hockey game.......

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