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Ion Firebolt
MQ valve
New Evil Paint
GTA E-Bolt
Boost Custom 10.5 Volt Lithium Ion Halo Battery *review*
Halo TSA Frontman
Unique 4+3 harness
Angel Force FBS Tadao Board
Evil 06 jersey/pants
TAG/KM2 Cheetah Board PICS ADDED
St!ffi Switch Kit
Shocktech Aluminum Drive Cone for Halos
Proto Switch F.S. goggle system
Turbo Paintball Loader
*update now with review*lots of pic's of the RD centerfeeder
Anti Siphon Tube
Diablo Mongoose II LCD w/ BBS
Empire Barrel Kit *pics*
CP 14inch & Lapco Bigshot 14inch barrel review
Kev's cyclone feed review
NXE pod pack and pod review.*pics*
Kev's barrel kit reviews *pics*
Kev's air system reviews *pics*
Kev's podpack reviews *pics*
Review Quick-Finder
Empire Fast Pack **pics up**
CCI Phantom
Tippmann A-5
Delrin Trigger
good cheap stuff(part 1)
Halo B with rip drive.
Sonic Cyborg & DM5 & Proto
All you need to know about IONS
Tippmann 98 Custom
JT Elite nVader Thermal Paintball Goggles
R/T / E-Grip
Palmer Stabalizers
Flatline Barrel System
J&J Ceramic Barrel (14in)
DOP x-core
Tippmann Custom Pro E
*update*Ricochet apache review
Rocket cock II review
JT speedpods
proto FS mask
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