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pipe and drape
Yet another one of my dumb ideas....
sypder to pump
Paintball Trebuchet *video added
Paintball Atlatl!
shooting indoors
If anyone has the technology/software, we should do this
Semi Auto Pump
pack idea
crazy idea
NN stuff....
an idea for my 98c i had....
Some Competition for the Ion
sort of an idea...(hopper)
Stock autococker reg on a 98c question cracked????
a real clamping feedneck on a tippy
Cool Pods
Three finger walking?
Pods attach to hopper
Stinky Apache!!
Noid Idea
cant figure out how to delete this post
Good Buy????
:x WTF :x
paint counter
Cocking Rod
if you own an e-bolt, look at this....
QeV for a 98c
Graphite for lube
Flatline Mod(and other barrels)
liter trig pull and cocking(dont do it, screwed up his gun)
polishing internals
led light mod
mech speed 98c idea
lighter trigger pull
homemade R\T's
Adjustable drop-forward
Cheap but painful idea.
board idea
dual ASA
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