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You Wont See Me

Official "Hey, I checked the forum" thread

Hey guys, figured I'd start a thread on this old dead forum. Anyway, if you stop by, leave something.

Hows it going? Whats new? Ect

Whats new with me:
I've moved away and have been pursuing a PhD in Pharmacology

Really into android (rooting/customizing) for the past few years.

g36 monkey

Man it has been a while since I hopped on here!

PhD?  Man we got a big timer over here.

Me?  I'm going to school for business administration, should have my bachelors in the spring, then I'll be hitting the police academy.  Time to clean up the streets of Orlando ;p

Hi Everybody!
g36 monkey

woah woah!  CDA!

I look at this place every couple months.

Got my B.S. in physics. Looking for a job still. It sucks, but hopefully I get something soon and get paid well.

Closing in on 3 years with my girlfriend.

HEY EVERYONE!  It's good to see a couple of posts sitting around here made within the year. I think I checked in January but could not remember my password until now.

Good to see you all seem to be pursuing humble endeavors and I wish you all the best! As well as happy upcoming holidays.

What's up with me? I've been on and off with college the last six years studying Psychology, then Photography, and now a general Liberal Studies degree. Funny how we all must note our grownup things nowadays like college and jobs... I have a pretty good job at a language service company which is pretty interesting getting to work with hundreds of languages every day. I'm a call center supervisor so I've come to assume a lot of new responsibility with it. Work of course is not my life and I'm focusing on other things.

I should mention too that I travel a lot. This past summer I was able to obtain a crappy RV and drove 11,000 miles around America. Basically I lived on the road for 7 weeks stopping in national parks and cities as I pleased. Spent some months in Europe last year as well doing some volunteer work. Probably the biggest news with me.

Of course I feel the need to mention my paintball news because this is, after all, a paintball forum. I did sell my Automag along with other gear but kept my 98c and other Minimag, just in case... My little brother who is 14 now is all about airsoft and I go with him sometimes. Not the same but it really brings me back. We did some woodsball at a local place a year or two ago and he had a blast! (so did I) But I was sore for days.

I became a little reminiscent this summer when I was out on the road thinking about this community and the acceptance I really felt here. This place meant I lot for me and was a huge part of my life and looking back puts things into perspective. It taught me a lot about community, communication, leadership, and the internet which I'm still obsessed with.

But enough of the sappy < poo >.. Hope you all are doing fine and kicking ass at life!

Here's a photo of me in my recent travels:

EDIT: Ok browsing a couple of other threads I noticed I pretty much said the same thing. Silly me. oh well.

TH1, I wanted your xmag so much. I lost out on that one. Of course I haven't played in years.

If I recall correctly, you took the pictures in abandoned buildings, even finding a crematorium. I loved those pictures and how they would freak me out and be extremely interesting too. I am jealous of your ability to go and just travel.

I think I may be going back to school. Just trying to figure out what to do with my life.
g36 monkey

Ah good to hear from you guys.  I actually got the chance to play not too long ago!  I went to my cousins birthday party, and just operated under rental equipment.  It's like I had never taken a break in the first place.  It was just rec ball and the competition wasn't very good, so of course, I had a blast haha!

I am in my last semester of college, after I graduate I'm going to the police academy, and hopefully I'll be patrolling sometime early next year Smile

I sold my gun as the people I usually play with have disappeared from playing. Though I do plan on getting a new gun and a whole new setup. I'll probably be attending the MMG when I do get everything.

It'll probably be a Phenom X7 - SL8 Setup, though mine will be a little more solid than the setup that use to be sold by that guy that went out of business. I'll be sure to post pictures when I do.
g36 monkey

Lol "better than that other guy who used to do stuff back then"

Good to see you around man!


grad school starts soon!
g36 monkey

Ha Nice.  I am waiting on grad school until taxpayers handle it for me.  The county gives x dollars a year for it, and a masters is not beneficial until a few years on the force, so I'll just do it a class or 2 at a time Smile
g36 monkey

Phew just checking in on the forum, almost done with the police academy here, it's been a ton of fun!

g36 monkey

Hello, officially working the street now, laying down the law lol

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