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ok i need a little help on this one

So today i picked up a 98c for my project gun for $70 today and i wanted to know what i should do with it.So far im gonna get a R/T for it and make it super fast with the LP fittings and stuff.Im also getting some dye stickies for it and mabey just mabey i might get some palmers for it.Now my question is what else should i do with it.I was thinking about doin some milling.My uncle owns a machine shop so i have everything i need to do it.

here is a pic of it:

I would definately look into some milling, especially since you'll have easy access to the right machinery. Just do a lot of home mods like polishing he internals. trigger stop, etc.

Polish the internals, get the dead-on aluminum valve body too.

Make it a center feed!

do everything that is posted under teh NN stuff


Take it to PMs guys.

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