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old school pgp!!!!

so the time has come... i must get rid of something cause i need money and its either this or my sl68II and i get more use out of my sl...

anyhoo... old school pgp... used to be a police trainer i guess... or a rental cause there is a number engraved on the back.

it is in good condition... probably could use some love in the form of taking apart and oiling it... but it shoots great as is... really consistent.

when i got it, it was all black and dirty... i polished it up with some brass-o. the only thing wrong with it is that when i took it apart i lost the safety spring so the safety just kinda flops around... really not that big of a deal.

i really don't know what to ask... although i do know what is a lowball... so just throw out some offers for just the gun... shipping will be added when i find out how much it will be...


g36 monkey

you got some nice guns, too bad im not lookin for a pistol.

Looks sweet, good luck. Sorry, I have no money.

That is a sick mag.

Are the little ties on the guns from when you went to a place and got it chronoed or something like that?

Ja, das ist ein sehr nett Mag. (Yeah, that is a very nice Mag.) Very sick, mmm RPG Chimira. Nice oldskool pump too, good luck selling!

heh... the mag is long gone...

yeah those are chrono tags on my guns...

come on guys... i need to take my gf out to dinner on our one year and i need cash!

Do you work?[/u]

no i don't have a job currently... i'm in college
g36 monkey

I'll tell the people at school to see if they are lookin for a pistol. THough its the rich kids that paintball so they could probably go buy a new zeus.

i'll bid $20
g36 monkey

knowing tig, once he gets it it will be like super modded. I would like to see that. Nobody at school is really lookin for a pistol so no hope here., THumb down

tigman250 wrote:
i'll bid $20

Thats a low ball

Ive seen these things go for 70$ and higher

don't know what they are worth thought it looked cool and if i could get it cheap i would do something with it. sorry if i insulted you.

current offer is $60
g36 monkey

wow, i didnt know they were worth that much eitehr. I thought it would be goin around $50 which is what i told my biddies. THey said no thanks though, their parents were infact getting them a new zeus very soon (god how i hate little rich kids who have no pride for anything because their parents buy it all)
custom pro

How much for the sl-68 2, or whatever that is? lol

sl isn't for sale... only the pgp... i have a feeling the $60 deal fell through... lets see some offers!

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