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pack er up

well my season is over so i packed everything away. i removed the batteries from everything to prevent a suprise from corosion come spring. the disassembled everything and oiled then reassembled. cleaned all barrels, washed all the washables. then found a nice spot out of the way in the basement where nothing could get dropped on or pushed into my precious junk. have a few old balls laying arround, plan to shoot them off with the SL before she gets the fall treatment.

My season seems like it is just about to start. I have a game coming up soon. I don't know, but I will definately be playing in a few weeks or so.

RoboCop wrote:
My season seems like it is just about to start. I have a game coming up soon. I don't know, but I will definately be playing in a few weeks or so.

same here. summer was fairly slow this year. we are now getting more people coming to play, and a bunch of tournaments are coming up
g36 monkey

nobody plays in the summer here, more people start to come out now. its florida, so no snow to worry about. Not much comes out on sundays now, but in a little while itll be sweet.

Indoor fields! Once I finish applying to college and all that good stuff I'll have tons of free time, which I plan to spend paintballing.

I haven't looked at my Fly (or trix, or tippy, or trracer) since july.
I kinda feel bad.
Either way, I know I could throw an air tank on the Fly right now (provided I had air) and shoot it.

Edit: I have the feeling that I put it away pretty dirty after a day of play. Confused
it's the Payne!!!

my season never ends...

Havent packed up yet. I still might try to find a vert body for the mag and get out a few more times. Basketball is starting up, so most of my free time is being spent in the gym. SL is collecting dust on my floor...might go shoot her in an hour or so.

I haven't been on here in awhile... I was thinking about paintball the other day, I will have to unpack my gear soon since the tempurature is better for it. Before I play I need to get a new right reciever half for my A-5, a new banjo fitting, and 2 new gauges.
But then I am set to go pwn some nwbs Tounge
g36 monkey

havent seen you in forever demus!! Cheers
welcome back

sry about the off topicness, continue please

havnt really touched my stuff since like may.... THumb down

wish i had money

That is part of my problem, the cash... I make decent money but cannot afford all my hobbies. I have been more into shooting the real guns lately and when I'm saving every penny to buy an $1800 rifle my mind laughs at markers. However, as the weather here in FL is getting cooler I want to play so much! What I need to do is just spend enough to get myself able to walk-on again... then after my fix I should be good to save for other interests. All my friends need to maintain there stuff so they can play, so now the only way I can is if I go pay at a field - To me that is like throwing away money to achieve the same end.
g36 monkey

what kind of gun you gettin?
and i definitely agree you should get your fix in.

g36 monkey wrote:
what kind of gun you gettin?
and i definitely agree you should get your fix in.

I am reworking my collection. I am getting ready to sell off the lesser guns and replace them with things like nice M14, M4, .50BMG and such.

I may use these guys:

Your in FL - Before he dies and takes a boat load of experience with him, you should try to check out Bruce Dow's shop ("DOW arms room" I think). It's in Dade City. He is real nice guy, very knowledgable, a retired professional engineer. He looks like a thin Col Sanders. Most of the top guys who do the killing in law enforcement and the military, merc stuff, have rifles worked up by him I hear. These guns are all about the shooter. I don't mean to advertise him, but worth checking out because I know you like guns.

Yeah this weekend I am going to mail order what I need for the A-5 and send one of the lesser guns off for repair. Then, it's unpacking the paintball stuff time...
g36 monkey

ill have to talk to my dad about, but once we go down towards there he might. thanks for lettin me know.

im very interested in the .50 bmg. those things are crazy.

Have a dehumidifier in the basement Tig? Wouldnt want any mold forming in or on your markers.

^^ Yeah my season never ends either. Tell ya what tho. I dont think I am playing at all next summer. Getting too old to run around in the Florida sun during summer. Going to be in the ninties again this weekend, I think I may skip and pray for a cool front next weekend.

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