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pack idea

u guys remember when snap bracelets used to be all the
those of u who dont...they were about an inch across and a length that could fit around your wrist. they were flat until u snapped against your wrist...causing the material to "buckle" thus wrapping around your wrist. not that im going to do it... but i thought it would be cool to incorporate into a pack. Much like the new pack i saw in wouldnt have to pull the pods out the top of the pack...but u could pull them away....what would be unique about it is...when u were done with the pod...instead of discarding it on the field you could slap into back onto the pack and the "bracelet would buckle around the i just blowing wind or are u guys picking up what im laying down?

i get it, it sounds like a good idea, but it would be kinda wierd pulling it striaght back to get the pod out. Also, putting it back in would work, but i findit is better the throw them away, there is less area to get shot at (unless ur playing woodsball, then u could put em in so u don't lose em)

make a sketch on paint or somthing

I see what your saying but how would you keep it from snapping before the pod got in? They have to be stretched out. Maybe some sort of automatic cinch would work.

Good theory, but what about putting the pods back into the pack? The bracelet thing would completly close and it would take more time.

Electromagnetic pack. Hit a button, pod falls off, put it back in close proximity and it sticks. Maybe you would have to outfit your pods with a magnetic strip. Or a ferris ring around the neck of them by the lid.

yeah the magnet idea is cool, the snap one is 2, but it would have some kinks, but keep in mind the weight issue, i mean i find it heavy enough with all my pods and paint in em, i mean i have a CP 4+3+2 pack, and having 5 or 6 full pods is heavy enough, but if there was a way to make it the same weight or lighter whils supporting the pods, those would be excellent ideas

Eh those things arnt very strong and running with them... Get the idea though.

Magnets is a great idea. Electromagnets hold onto a metal part built into the pod and you push a button or something to release it. Very interesting.

I like the idea, but there are some problems. The biggest I see is after pulling a pod out, putting it back in would be a problem. Depending on the set up, it seems as if when one pod was pulled off, all the pods would fall. It doesnt seem like there would be enough space to have just one open and stay open.
g36 monkey

i really like the em thing. it sounds like it could be done though the packs would be quite expensive, but magnets are pretty easy to make. Cheers

the only problem with that would be the battery, i hate batteries, they always die at the very worst time
g36 monkey

i always bring a few spare 9 volts w/ me.

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