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Paintball Report 3/5/06

just got back, gun preformed flawylessly with my new Pepperstickz Barrel kit that I just got yesterday Cool. I had y first chop in like, 10 cases. I bunkered three people that were in this one bunker just standing back, I probobally got about 2-3 people out per game. Than I had this one shot with my Pepperstickz that had to be like, a 1in radius shot. The guy was amazed I hit him.

Oh yea, HS, how many cases of paint would you say you get with brand new batteries on the Cheetah? Thanks.

These are supposed to be made on mondays only.

So? It's late Sunday, and I doubt anyone will be playing in the dark.

could we edit it and make it a monday while changing a few words?
problem solved

Remeber sureshot, I use the Boost batteries now.

And before I changed over to Boost, I changed my AAs very often. I changed them even when they weren't needed.

But, If I had to recollect how much per 6 AA, I'd say about 5 cases.
You Wont See Me

We played yesterday...and it was amazing.

Had only 8 or 9 people play, but played capture the flag with 1 person being ref, so it worked out.

The flag was placed on top of a hill that had train tracks on it(no longer used of course) and had one team start on each side of the hill. Great time.

My paintball weekend just got better.

I didn't play. BUT

I bought another angel. An LCD thats in desperate need of an anno. Should be here at the end of the week.

Stalingrad this weekend!!

No play.

CDA, is a second angel necessary?

RoboCop wrote:
No play.

CDA, is a second angel necessary?


What a dumb question!

what'd you need?

sorry... i was away from my phone all day.... just... pm me on one of the forums from now on if you need to get a hold of me

Ow my toes, Sureshot! j/k

Well I played my first speedball tourny. Best of Brevard 1 vs 1. I was eliminted in the 3rd round, Im not sure how I placed but it was pretty far down the list. BUT! But! Members from my team placed 2nd and 3rd. Not bad for a scenario team aye? Yep we went against some of the best speedballers in the county and did really good.

My day didnt get much better tho after the early elimination, I played some rec ball, got my butt kicked and in the final game just as reinsertion was up I was filling a teammates hopper and I shot myslef in the foot. Dang that hurt!

After everyone left except for our team we played some hyperball (hopper only) and that was pretty fun. I did my first run through on a 3 vs 2. I gotta try them run throughs more often, twas fun!

RoboCop wrote:
No play.

CDA, is a second angel necessary?

No. But the price was great. It works. It only needs an anno. And I found a place that does that for 10$ a piece.

Didnt get to play. Was gonna order some stuff for the 98c from a local place but didnt get around to it.
g36 monkey

well i didnt get to play but i did go camping and i found the true use for your hands on fire Laughing
Anyways i cant wait till next weekend....first off spring break starts for us but i should be going to practice with my friends d2 team this weekend. Rambo

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