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Palmer Stabalizers

The palmer stabalizer is a great product. When you get it, it looks clean and smooth. It is very durable and does its job very efficiently. I use a female palmer stabalizer and I love it. I like to show it off to people because it makes my Custom Pro E look even better. It blocks all co2 so far and it works great right out of the box. It comes with a great waranty(lifetime I believe).It has a port hole for a guage. I put a boblong mini guage on mine and it makes the palmer look even better.I was amazed at the palmer when I was able to tune it. I have a regular Custom Pro E and I was able to get my gun down to an operating pressure of 350psi. Now my gun is more efficient and better looking than ever. Palmer had some great minds behind this product.
I will give it my highest rating of 10/10 because it looks great, feels great, and works with co2 very very efficiently.

You Wont See Me

:wee: Good job

You Wont See Me wrote:
:wee: Good job
Thanx *blush*
I mean Thank You Sir!!!! Salut

Not bad. Not bad at all. thumleft

Good review Jokester (since veryone else is doing it)

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