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Here are a few pictures i took yesterday with my new camera. Enjoy.

I have a lot of other ones, but I like these the best. So how did I do for my first time actually trying to take nice pictures? Open to comments and/or criticism(sp?).

Nice pictures, I really like the last one.

What camera did you get? My sis got a new camera yesterday too because she lost hers
My camera broke so I have been taking pictures with the web cam on my lap top

It's a sony cybershot DSC-W30. It has 6 mega pixels. I love it already. It's small with a long battery life.

RoboCop wrote:
It's a sony cybershot DSC-W30. It has 6 mega pixels. I love it already. It's small with a long battery life.

that's one thing mine dosen't have, i am lucky if i can get 20 pics and it dies. just got some lithium (<--SP?) batteries and they seem to be much better.

Just a few pointers...

2/3rds rule or something (sorry, I can't remember the name). Basically, it means that if you draw a horizontal line through it, and two lines vertically to separate it into six different parts, and if you place the subject of the photo on the places where the lines intersect, the photo will generally look better. This does not always hold true.

Also, make sure that in all of your photos you have a clear and strong subject, unless you are going for a landscape shot.

Another thing that looks really good is to have a landscape shot, and have a little foreground in the photo as well.

These have some good potential. Trig also is a good photographer, you can ask him about stuff. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

Good work Smile

I'll keep that in mind tarallo. And I have been waiting for TH1 for awhile. Seems like he hasn't stopped in for awhile.

And Tig, you need to get a camera with a rechargeable battery where the battery has no memory so you can recharge it even when it is half full. That is what mine has and it is convenient. I only spent about $230 on the camera with a 2 gig memory stick duo. The memory stick holds a lot of pictures. Someday I want to fill it up and see how many photos it has.
You Wont See Me

I dont have any camera at all, I've wanted one for ahwile but I'm too lazy/cheap to go buy one.

i like what i see, got potential. but you said youd like critizcization (sp) so ill give you some tips.

The first ones alright, though there could be a better subject your showing, its still a cool shot. Unfortuantly the weather in its kinda crappy, there could be a cool sunset, clouds, lightning, beautiful sky ect. or a boat or something. as of now its kind of plain and open, but i still find something i like about it.

for the next few, avoid setting your camera so close to the ground unless your subjects really in there and just that part is in focus, otherwise it can be a too-low angle.

when looking for a shot along the side of a building for perspective, try not to go too far against it, so much that you start to loose dimension, but that can depend on how you want your subject expressed, even if part of the wall isnt the sub, its still important to get a good angle thats not too extreme.

buildings and architecture- i like to get either partial almost full shots, or full with another inportant view point alongside. dont be afraid to "slant" your frame too.

i like the 7th picture, it shows what im saying about not taking a shot too close alongside a wall. the grass also adds interest. another great way to do that should would be if the focus were inverted. aka focus the grass with the backround not in focus. youll need a close-up or macro mode for that which you should have (look for flower icon)

trees- weather and backround very important because its just as much a part of it because it fills in the space between the branches. also work on a non-cooked shot.

the grave pics pretty good, great angle, great lighting, potentialy powerful subject. try to add more emotion if possible for these kind of pics. IE- a peice of paper with "i miss you" or something big and boldly scribbled

last pic is what i was saying about inverting the focus, close-up with blurry backround. try to emphasize your subject

and a very important factor some of your photos dont have is the weather. unfortantly (though you may not have thought about it) you chose a very dreary bland day to shoot. cloudyness can look amazing, unless its solid and blah. youll get the best outdoor light at sunrise and sunset where youll get radiant, low angled tall shadows, contrasting light. it will make your shots look much more beautiful and powerful

I dont know, i dont know the technical "best photo rules" crap, it just comes natural to me, which is why its considered a form of art. but you may want to look into that being a beginner.

thats my evaluation, sorry if i was a little harsh, dont think your photos "suck" they really dont. im just trying to use them as example for how to really improove and get into this hobby.

take this advice and keep shooting! i wanna see how you progress and learn from my advice! i know there are some amazing scenes, scapes and weather in texas (if im not mistaken your location haha). Keep it up!

a big sign next to the cemetary one would be to distracting IMO.

I like all the advise you gave me. Yes I am localed in Texas. Most of these except the close up of the wood was taken on christmas day because I wanted to really test out my camera. Problem was that it had been raining the previous day and there was still some bad weather going through. The pond in the first pic was a good pic if I showed you what it really looked like. The pond is almost empty and it looks full in the picture. I am getting the grave site printed in a kinda large frame. It is my grandfather's grave and I think my grandmother would like to have a copy and we are going to leave one out close to a house my grandma owns near the grave.
Thanks for the good critisizing. I love getting tips because I like this photography stuff.

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