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Pimpin once again

I fixed my pimp all by my self! Not bad for a n00b.

Just need to order some timmy detents and I should be set. Thankfully I had 1 more spare set of stock detents that lasted a day of ballin.

what was wrong iwth it?
g36 monkey

im guessin the detents were wrong Cool
but knowing my luck, im wrong.

Glad to hear you had it shooting.

Detents and I couldnt get the ram out too grease it. But I yanked on it and it came out. Lubed it up and that did the trick.

Chrono'd good too, 274, 277, 277.

i hope you mean 277 lol

my pump cocker shot 230, 230, 231, 232, 229, 230 with the brand new detonator on it

Oopps, yeah had a brain fart.

Ordered 6 new timmie detents from criticalpaintball yesterday. Later that night before bed I cleaned her up and the hopper. Now she's sitting peacefully on her bed.

Very Happy

on pbn, someone was selling 50 detents for 1.00 shipped or something

Thanks, will have to go look. Must be pmi detents.

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